#MeToo should #ShutUp

At what point do we decide this #metoo stuff is getting a little ridiculous? I understand that its wrong that some women out there were put in situations that they didn’t feel comfortable in, and made to do things they didn’t want to. However a lot of these are borderline prostitution to me. No, if you’re auditioning for a movie, a hairy fat dick should never be randomly presented in front of you, that I fully agree with. Nor should you feel pressure to put that dick into any orifice of your body. BUT, if you willingly suck that dick because the promise of a role in a movie was given to you, that to me seems like you made a choice. You gave some sort of sexual favor in return for personal gain. That’s literally the definition of prostitution. (Seriously, look it up). 

If you were forced to perform that sexual favor with absolutely no promise of anything in return, against your will, thats rape. That should never be tolerated. No rational human can disagree with that. Though we’re living in a time when rationality means jack shit and people can form opinions that become fact with nothing more than a mob mentality backing it up. I 100% think people like Harvey Weinstein, who it sounds like literally did force himself on women, should be behind bars, forced to suffer the same fate he once dealt out to women, though hopefully by a hairy convict named Bubba with a penchant for forcing others to stick their tongues in his hole. Thats justice. But when a no-name former cousin of an assistant on a movie from 1983 comes out and says something like they had sex with the star of the movie in order to further their career and thought it was the only way, I call shenanigans. That wasn’t inappropriate at the time, and you’re only butthurt (no pun intended) because your career faded quicker than the guys cum stains on your blouse in the washing machine. 

People need to start calling women and men out on their bullshit, and not be so quick to shame someone because of their actions, which may have been borderline inappropriate at the time, in order to put a scarlet letter on their name. Look at Aziz Ansari, he literally went out on a date, brought the girl up to his apartment after, made his move and was denied. Months later when it became fashionable to call #metoo, hes getting shamed and his career almost took a dive. He’s still recovering. Lets go over this play-by-play.

-Date (which lets be honest here, he probably paid for)

-Walk to his apartment, ASKED if she wanted to come up, she agrees

-Makes his probably awkward move, she rethinks, leaves, he gives her no problem, makes no inappropriate touching gesture

-Forgets she existed, cause he probably went on to bang a fame whore, she needs validation, cries rape.

WHAT?!? We need to be better at ciphering out the real rapists and just guys who misread signals. It’s a shame that some of them have already been branded. Hopefully we can move on and make things right, for all of us awkward guys out there who have enough trouble making a move to begin with, we don’t need the fear of being called a rapist looming in the back of our minds. 

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