Our Mission

We here at Brew Pound are men who love the simple things in life. Cold beer, live sports, seeing who can yell the loudest in order to get their point across, getting drunk and speaking gibberish, making plans that never come to fruition, naps, dogs, staring at women way out of our league and mostly, friendship. In fact we’ve been friends for over 20 years, which has included countless beers, a few stints in rehab here and there, realizing we’re not quitters and continuing our vices, random trips across the country, checking out new bars and places, and an overall sense that we’re not alone in what makes us happy in life.

We want to bring the best bars, beers, entertainment, food, pictures of women we’ll never meet (or have and didn’t even realize our existence) and sports thoughts and updates to the rest of you out there who are just as bored in your lives as we are, and need some entertainment to get you through the day. So we hope you enjoy the random nonsense we bring to you, because that’s what life’s about. Enjoying that meaningless nonsense that gets you through to tomorrow, in hopes that it will bring another beer and a better day.

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