Kaepernick should kneel off a cliff

It’s a cyclical thing in the NFL. A starting quarterback goes down and every talking head who just likes to hear themselve’s blabber on TV says that Colin Kaepernick should be immediately signed. IMMEDIATELY signed.There’s never any question regarding his skills at quarterback, or how he would fit into the offensive system of whatever team. It’s just that he’s the best unsigned quarterback on the market and teams won’t sign him because of his baggage, or as he would like you to believe, because he’s African-American. Was he better when he was at his peak than most of the backup quarterbacks that eventually get signed? Sure, he definitely was. That however was four or five years ago. People forget he was benched for Blaine Gabbert. Let that sink in.This also was before he decided he had had enough as a black man in America(who was raised by a white family that adopted him, but that’s usually never important enough for the media to remind anyone about) and that he needed to use his platform to raise awareness. People will have you believe he gave up everything for nothing. It’s crazy how quickly people forget the truth or like to ignore the obvious.

This social justice warrior didn’t actually start kneeling until he had lost his starting job. So he didn’t lose that because of his protest. This warrior also didn’t get cut, have no offers, or get blackballed because of his political views. He opted out of his final year of his contract with the 49ers. Again, he OPTED out of his final year of his contract with the 49ers. His 2015 season was lost due to a shoulder injury, and when the 2016 season came, he was competing for his job. He began sitting during the national anthem at the beginning of the preseason. This went unnoticed, and when he had officially lost his job during week three of the postseason, he decided sitting unnoticed wasn’t enough. He took a knee. Thus began the years long taking a knee debacle in the NFL.

Once this media frenzy surrounding him started, people forget he got his starting job back. He actually started for the 49ers in 11 games during the 2016 season. However people were more focused on his pregame actions then his work on the field. At the end of the season, knowing his starting job was not set in stone, he decided to opt out and test the waters of free agency. Obviously hindsight’s 20/20 and I think Colin knows he made a bad choice. No team wants to deal with the headache of a media storm that surrounds signing what would be no sure-fire starting quarterback who had a subpar season the year before. People argue that Tim Tebow was given this chance, even with the media frenzy that would come with him, and obviously that was only done because he’s white. (roll-eyes emoji) However nobody likes to think maybe teams learned from that, maybe seeing what came with signing Tebow wasn’t worth it for a backup quarterback. Except the Ravens and Broncos, of course, since they actually had talks with Kaepernick, with the both (allegedly) making him an offer. He refused these offers, wanting more money. This social justice warrior, who took a knee for all the unjustly murdered and unfairly treated black people in America, knowing it may cost him everything but didn’t care about money supposedly, turned down two offers. Wanting more money. Irony and hypocrisy at its finest.

Today people automatically want him signed, and cry foul when he’s left out to pasture. He did this to himself. And he hasn’t lost a thing because of it that can’t be blamed on his own personal greed and actions.Nike recently took advantage of the publicity that would come with him, using him as the face of one of their campaigns. They didn’t sign him to a new deal,as most would have you believe. They restructured his current deal that was set to expire. He already had a contract with them, and was getting paid well before he was “blackballed” by the NFL. The social justice warrior who tells you to “believe in something, even if it means losing everything” didn’t lose a dollar. He didn’t sacrifice anything. He was given shots to sign and refused because he wanted more money. He was getting paid all along by Nike even though he wasn’t doing anything on the field. Don’t be fooled, he’s an attention seeking, money driven false idol that has tricked the world into believing he’s a martyr. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Well the greatest trick Kaepernick ever pulled was convincing the world he wasn’t a mediocre quarterback and that money didn’t matter to him. Don’t be fooled.

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