Country music haters are worse than the reddest of rednecks

Let me start off by saying that I love country music, and also that my taste in music is more all over the place than the cities my favorite sports teams are from.Bruce Springsteen is god, Toby Keith is king, Eric Church is Prince, Bon Jovi makes up the Knights of the Round Table and Weird Al is their royal jester.Rock and country and… Weird Al. You try making sense of the last one. Anyway,most people who hate country all have the same reasons why. The lyrics/sound/themes of it are stupid and repetitive. It’s all about trucks and broken hearts. These are usually people who have never actually listened to a country song and refuse to even give it a shot. These are more often than not people who love whatever glorified pop artist, who didn’t write their own song and then had their voice go through about ten different synthesizers and machines before the final version is released, puts out.  That’s fine, if that’s your thing. Whatever you like, go ahead and listen to it. These people don’t share that thought though, and if you even suggest listening to country they’ll throw a tantrum about how awful it is and refuse to even let one string of the banjo (they assume its all banjo) play.

The argument that the lyrics are stupid and repetitive is ridiculous. You want to talk about repetition, listen to any hit pop song on the radio and tell me it doesn’t deal with either lost love, new love or sex.* These songs, which usually consist of catchy chorus’s that’ll haunt you well after you’ve listen to them, also somehow take multiple people to write. Most of whom are NOT the person singing it. It took like 50 people to write Rihannas Umbrella song, and the vast majority of that song is just repeating the word Umbrella. And that Gwen Stefani song was literally spelling out the word banana. How many members of Mensa did it take to put that song together? One for each letter? Is it catchy?Yes, unfortunately it is and as I write this I caught myself singing it out loud in my office, alone. Also, I may have been doing some form of freestyle dance with just my neck and head. Not the point. I can admit that its somehow tolerable to listen to and understand how people like it.

People think of country as trucks, America, beer, and racism. If that’s the case, three out of four of those are awesome, so whats the issue? And I haven’t actually heard any racism in the country music I listen to, but I do know they’re not dropping N bombs and calling women bitches and hoes, two of the main ingredients in most rap songs. The songs also aren’t just catchy choruses made to be etched into the deepest part of your brain to be unwillingly sung in the shower or while walking your dog because you can’t get it out of your head. They’re usually pretty solid stories, yes revolving a lot around trucks, America and beer, but those are damn fine subjects that I can thoroughly get behind.

I also throwback at the country music haters how great any country music concert is. It doesn’t even matter who is singing, its usually a great time, and the tailgates are, as you may have guessed, filled with trucks, beer and American flags flying proudly. If that’s not your thing (well fuck you) but go and enjoy the binge drinking fest that is about as close as you’ll get to reliving your college days. You might even actually get laid at one of these, the women are usually pretty into any guy with boots, a five o clock shadow and whiskey on their breath. (Again, AMERICA!)

If you give it a shot, you might see country isn’t as bad as you assumed. If you don’t like it, OK it’s not your thing. Most of what passes as good music this day on the radio isn’t my thing. That’s fine, to each his own. But don’t be one of those people who preaches hate about country music but hasn’t actually given it a chance. That’s ignorant. About as ignorant as the people dropping N bombs or screaming “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” outside a gay pride parade. They’re wrong, and chances are, so are you.

*To be clear, I’m not knocking sex, I thoroughly enjoy it on the rare occasions I get it.

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