Some parents should be shot

Not for nothing but these moms are morons and I feel bad for their kids. In an effort to make themselves relevant, they’ve named their kids the stupidest thing they could possibly think of. These aren’t family names. This is bullshit cooked up because apparently naming your child the first few letters in the alphabet is normal? It’s not, and this woman knows it. She saw her kid come out as a future meal ticket when it was inevitably made fun of for having gibberish as a name. Squire? You’re naming your child Squire and expect there to be no blow back? Give me a break, you’re awful humans who want to take advantage of the system of sympathy that is the internet police. 

Someone needs to start calling people out on this bullshit. Name your kid something normal. Hell, think outside the box if you want and name it Seven like George Costanza would’ve. That’s original (well not anymore) and somewhat normal enough where it has a story the kids won’t mind telling. When ABCDE grows up, she has to live with the name her awful excuse of a mother gave her, and go through life explaining her mom was a terrible person who needed attention that her father just wouldn’t give her, so she took it out on her child. 

And hospitals need to be schooled on this shit. Teach nurses that when they go to have the birth certificate filled out, if the parents want to name their kid some dumbass nonsense, they’re allowed to use full physical force as they see fit and call Child Protective Services. These people are unfit to be parents right out the womb. Maybe even lie and pretend to write down “squire” but instead put Shawn. So when Squire grows up, right before they hit that sweet spot of suicidal drug abuse because of all the bullying they’ve had to endure in their lives, they can take it upon themselves to use their true, normal, human name. 

Save the shit stupidity for naming your fish. Not any other animals though because chances are you don’t deserve the greatness that is a dog in your life, and you’ll probably fuck that thing up too. People and their stupidity ceases to amaze me. 

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