Where do I sign up for white privilege?

Just curious what the perks of white privilege are. I’ve been a white male my whole life, that’s what I identify as, because that’s what I was born as. Yet I haven’t seen any of the perks I keep hearing about that come with being a white male in America. I’ve been pulled over, I’ve gotten tickets, I did what the cop told me and was polite, which I believe might be why I have never been arrested or shot. I’ve been passed over for job promotions and scholarships because they went to minorities, regardless of who was more qualified or deserving. I get it, that’s fine, if things like that weren’t implemented, the old white men in charge would probably never allow for black people to succeed, so I’m not even complaining about that. I just don’t get though how people cry for equality yet yell when things don’t go their way, and then some. Wanting equality should mean everyone’s treated equal, not you deserve more because you’re not white. There’s no denying black people, women, homosexuals, most minorities in general, have been treated unfairly in the past. There’s no argument here about that, and there’s absolutely no argument that it was wrong. Taking a step towards changing that though should be everyone is treated the same, not people get rewarded for the shitty things that happened a long time ago.

Are you currently thinking to yourself, “well racism still exists, whitey”. No shit it does. It’s a two way street though. There’s asshole white people that hate black people. There’s asshole black people who hate white people. There’s assholes of both colors who hate homosexuals. There’s plenty of men of all colors who hate women. There’s plenty of women who hate men. It’s a giant circle jerk of racism where everyone’s spewing their hate filled cum all over the place. Nobody should be treated better because of their skin color or what’s dangling between their legs. 

Believe it or not, I deal with racism all the time, even though I’m white. Will people roll their eyes at that last statement? 100%. And that’s fine, yet for some reason, it’s OK for anyone who isn’t white to insult us or belittle us, take all your anger out on us and demand more because your ancestors had it shitty well before you were born. The people who further that behavior do more harm than good and don’t realize they’re contributing to the on going racial tensions in the country. Where’s my white privilege that makes it not OK to say mean (racist) shit about white people or make threatening statements based solely on our skin color? If my cushy job that’s not cushy at all and has led me to live paycheck-to-paycheck is a product of white privilege, than someone at the Further Enhancement of Whites (FEW for short, and also I just made it up) office has been really dropping the ball and might have some explaining to do.

Yes, some white people out there do get breaks and a little bit more privilege in this country. I think it has more to do with money privilege though. Or in other words, being wealthy and privileged. See that word (privilege) by itself? Makes more sense that way. If you’re rich, chances are you’ll get away with a lot of shit and have a ton of perks most of us can only dream of. The thing is, that’s 1% of the people in this country. I don’t have an everlasting bank vault filled with gold that I can go to when I need to replenish my bank account. I work a shitty job with shitty pay and barely get by. If there was some form my parents were supposed to fill out at birth that would’ve opened the door to the white privilege bank, they fucked up at the hospital and missed it. 

Still waiting for my debit card to arrive

Then there’s the shit you read on the internet (current article not withstanding). Examples of white privilege in the criminal justice system. So-and-so was given 3 months probation while minority so-and-so was given 50 years jail for the same crime. Yes, those examples exist, they’re wrong, and I’m sure there’s plenty more too than just what you read online, but there’s probably a lot more examples of equal sentences dished out to people for crimes regardless of the color of their skin.

When you read one tiny example out of a million though, with absolutely no back story or actual context, it skews peoples thoughts towards the subject. It diminishes the reality of the world, where not everyone gets handouts and escapes the harsh punishments just because they need to sit in the sun to get darker skin. 

And also, it’s just ignoring the fact, maybe people shouldn’t commit crimes/do drugs/sell drugs/steal things/etc. in the first place. Does racial profiling exist within some police departments? You betcha. Does that make every cop out there a racist with a gun just looking to shoot up some colored fellas? Fuck no. So stop spreading hate towards them, when you just try to instigate some sort of backlash against police, it’s making everyone’s life a little more dangerous.

This shouldn’t incite dangerous acts of hate at all…

Grow up, treat everyone fair. Don’t go around hating people that look different or do different things in the bedroom. It’s not effecting you, so why the fuck do you care? Everyone love everyone blah blah and all the kumbaya nonsense that we were taught as kids to believe is probably the best way to go about your day. Don’t sit around talking about how unfair specific minority groups have it compared to white people, because not all white people have lives of luxury with no fear or stress in the world. There’s a difference between complaining that your life is unfair and complaining about how the history of a specific race was unfair. Don’t try to use one to justify your inability to compensate for the other. Shitty things happened in the past, what we need to do is learn from it and move on, try to treat each other equal. White/Black/Man/Women/Whatever else all deserve to be treated the same and given the same opportunities. There’s no question about it, but nobody should be expecting to be handed benefits or profit off the shit their ancestors dealt with. That’s not asking for equality, it’s asking for a handout. Which honestly, those don’t come to people just because they’re born white either. We’re all out here trying to get ahead in life, if everyone would just treat each other fairly and stop spreading more hate towards one another, maybe life wouldn’t be so shitty?

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