Around the Horn? More like Around the Dic

Dic is short for dictator, that is exactly what Toni Reali is

I am sure everyone who watches ATH wonders, “How the fuck does this scoring system work?” This god damn show has been on for 10+ years. Cant they provide their viewers some sort score sheet? The answer is simply, no. 

Toni Reali has his own scoring system. Dishes points out at random facts. He runs his show like Kim Jong Un rules North Korea. Mutes (censors) Bill Plaschke any time Woody Paige goes on a rant. 

I honestly feel bad for all the journalist on this show. This is the only TV time these guys get. If their professional opinion does not sit well with Toni….BAM…..muted,10 points deducted, first one off the show. And it isn’t a pleasant cast off. He freezes their faces so everyone can see what big losers they are. And thank god its in black and white. No one wants to get stuck staring at Bob Ryan’s wooden teeth.

So why has ESPN allowed such behavior to go on? I tell you why. Unlike Kim Jong, Toni is easy on the eyes. Yes he’s fashionable, perfect hair and has a sweet personality. And yes, hes running the show from a space ship pilot seat. 

All I am asking for is some structure. Toni, if you are reading this, write your scoring system down on a piece of paper. Make the show easier for everyone to follow along. 

And maybe host just one show with your shirt off

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