NFL players should kneel for (twitter) police brutality

I’ve talked about it before but it doesn’t seem that it’s going to change anytime soon, and its really starting to piss me off. The twitter police need to grow up and get lives. At the end of the day, that’s the biggest issue. People out there have nothing better to do than to go through old tweets from famous celebrities/athletes? For what purpose? To expose something they said 10 years ago? Who the fuck is the same person they were ten years ago? The assholes digging this shit up probably have more skeletons in their closet then the ones they’re exposing. The only difference is they didn’t post it on the internet for everyone to see. How many people out there can say they’ve NEVER said anything that might be discriminatory, even at least had a thought? Should you put those thoughts to print so they can be seen forever? Probably not, kudos on those who haven’t. You’re one step ahead of the game.

What is the endgame for these people? They want to embarrass celebrities? For athletes, most of the time white ones, do they want to cause turmoil in the locker room and have the majority of their teammates hate them? What good can come of this? If it were strictly people who just want to see change in the world and think bringing these past quotes up will help do that, it’d be one thing. It’s not though. Its hate filled people, who need to cause a ruckus to make themselves feel better about their shitty lives. You sat and looked through years of texts to expose a racist blurb from someone who has no actual personal ties to you? Great job loser, get a fuckin hobby that doesn’t require trying to ruin peoples lives.

This is the latest, someone bringing up tweets from the FB/DL on the Ravens, who has been inactive the past two weeks, and has started one game this entire year. He has two career touchdowns (in 2017). Who the fuck, honestly, sat there and looked through this guys tweets. Who the fuck has that kind of time, to sit around and go back through the tweets of a barely one step above the practice squad player? He has 3 tackles in his career on defense. Why is this someone you thought you needed to expose? How the fuck do you find time? What do your parents tell their friends that you do for a living? They sure as shit aren’t proud of the poor excuse for a human you’ve become. I don’t know who you or they are, but majority of the snowflakes who cry foul about this shit are entitled pricks born in the late 90s. No parents of those children are ever as thin skinned. Because people used to not give a shit about this stuff. For good reason. It’s a nonissue to those of us who don’t take everything they see/hear/read so literal, who don’t cry about everything they can, who aren’t offended by any issue they think they can get some sympathy attention for. 

Most of the time when this happens, teammates of the player say that’s not the guy they know. That’s whats important. If someone wrote something faintly racist years ago and continues to fly a confederate flag in the locker room and drop N bombs any chance he can, players wouldn’t let that shit fly. That doesn’t happen though. Just as often, there’s plenty of things said about white people, especially in sports. Lets be honest here, minus the quarterback position and professional swimming, we aren’t usually the most athletic. We don’t cry about it though, take the jokes for what they are, jokes. There’s usually no malice behind it.

There needs to be repercussions for these people who find this shit. Everyone thinks they’re a social justice warrior because they can dig up BS tweets from years ago and cause backlash for someone who chances are, is more successful than them. They get away scot-free and never have to give it another thought, except to maybe brag to their other loser friends that they were the ones who had ample amounts of time on their hands to find said tweets. The majority of Americans need a smack in the face, be told their being a little bitch, and given a chance to get some thicker skin. They want to complain about everything from the safety of their computers, but they have absolutely no idea what the real world is like. They were coddled their entire lives, and think they’re owed something. You’re not owed shit, you need to quit being a wimp and stop looking for something to cry about. Mind your own fucking business, get a fuckin life, maybe one day you’ll get to touch a boob, who knows? Til then, enjoy being a shitty excuse for a human, you pansy ass bitches. 

As the watered down version of Ice Cube in todays entitled cry baby world would say, “Fuck the Twitter Police!”

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