Yankee Stadium one of the dirtiest


Are people that surprised by this? Have you been to Yankee stadium? As someone who has been there more times than I can count, I’m honestly shocked it didn’t rank lower on this list. The section in the Bronx that houses the stadium should be enough to let anyone know what they’re about to encounter inside the stadium. Drunks/homeless/me pissing wherever they can, hobos sleeping on the street, beggars asking for money, me asking for money, shysters selling stolen water bottles and bootleg hats on the sidewalks. It’s not the ritziest of venues. Sure, there’s plenty of history. Well there was, in the first one. But people like to pretend this is still the house that Ruth built, not a billion dollar waste of money replica that wasn’t necessary. 

New Yorkers in general, myself included, are not the cleanest or friendliest of people. Do you really think the minimum wage making woman missing her teeth selling hot dogs cares if one fell on the ground? She sure as shit does not. A wasted hot dog is coming out of her pocket, so that things going to someone who is gonna overpay for it, like it or not. The entire stadium often smells like piss, are we to assume that some of that piss isn’t going to be in the water used at concession stands? The ice in Mexico is safer in a soda than at Yankee stadium. We know that going in though. It’s a risk we’re willing to overpay for and take. We don’t complain. We get drunk enough that we can’t taste the filth, and pretend the chicken fingers and fries are worth the same price as a lobster dinner at most restaurants. Its the way it works, and we’ve accepted that.

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