Stuntmen shouldn’t be asked to do dangerous stunts….?

I’m not sure what the point of this article is. To enlighten people about the dangers of stunt work? For stunt workers to complain about the hazards of their jobs? You’re stuntmen. Doing the dangerous work is LITERALLY your job. How are people going to complain that it’s too dangerous to do when it’s exactly what you’ve signed up for? Did you not realize there’s risk of serious bodily harm by jumping ten stories off a building? Do you not think maybe there’s a reason the star of the movie is in their trailer refusing to do the stunt themselves? Do you know why insurance companies won’t back actors to do their own stunts? Do you not have the capability to figure out on your own accord that doing dangerous stunts is DANGEROUS? 

Have there been a ton of injuries due to accidents on movie/TV sets due to poor planning and stunts gone wrong? Yup, clearly if you read that article there have been. But that’s why you’re there. If people want safer conditions to do these shots, then there’s no need for stuntmen at all. The actors themselves would be doing the scenes if it weren’t dangerous. At what point will people open their eyes to the stupidity of their complaints? The writer of that article, good job listing horrific accidents on sets- hopefully that’ll make people stop and think before signing up to do stunt work. Those who know the risks though and continue to do it, you have no business complaining. Someone said they’re afraid of losing their jobs if they don’t do what directors demand. No shit. This is what you are here for. You’re not a star, you’re a double, who’s name will be plastered at the end of the credits as nothing more than a stuntman. The director isn’t demanding you do something out of the ordinary, they’re telling you to do what you’re being paid for. If you think its too dangerous, don’t do it. Someone else will, and you should be OK with that because you clearly are incapable of doing your job. 

Next we’ll have articles about porn stars complaining directors demanded they do nudity. 

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