Gandhi: The racist

Gandhi, doing something nice, most likely.

OK, at what point do we collectively decide this is getting a little out of hand? I won’t lie and pretend I know all about Gandhi and what he did, but I do know enough to know that he probably opened the Gates of Heaven for Mother Theresa when she died. If he believed in Heaven. Or whatever afterlife he believed good people go to when they died. He’s probably floating around as a reincarnated Butterfly these days. Or the roots of a tomato plant. IDK, all life is beautiful and all that bullshit.

Honestly though, what is happening with statues these days? I kinda understood people wanting to get rid of Confederate flag waving good ol’ boys statues down south who stood for the Confederacy and simpler times for the reddest of rednecks. I also understood the people who wanted to keep them to just have some sorta reminder of the history of our country. Both seemed like pretty fair points, though obviously only one side was gonna win. The problem was the ones wearing white hoods chanting racial epithets and screaming for murder- who wanted to keep them just cause they miss the days when people could be lynched after a trial in the woods by 4 white men who didn’t speak jive and thought guilty until proven more guilty- they didn’t really have a good reason for wanting the statues. That I’ll concede, and that’s why those statues are being torn down faster than Saddam Hussein’s before his neck was even broken and stiff from the noose. 

Gandhi though? He called African natives savages and thats racist?? OK, again, very little knowledge of history and whatnot, but I feel like maybe he was referring to the tribes in Africa that ate their own babies and ran around naked humping each other, wild animals, and trees. Who drank the blood of the elders for everlasting life. Did those people actually exist? I have no clue, but it was a long time ago, well before Western technology hit Eastern cultures. Where clean water was the holy grail and a flap of skin from a wild buffalo was all that separated a mans junk from the eyes of a child. 

There’s names people use when talking about people doing good deeds, or quoting inspirational leaders. Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr, ALF, The Dalai Lama, and Gandhi. All used to inspire, to show the kindness and good in the world. Now we need to tear them down too?

If Gandhi was out there saying “kill black people, fuck whitey, women and children deserve to die and Indians rule!” then there might be a case for calling him a racist. I think this was more a misunderstanding and poorly worded thoughts from a man who starved himself for equality for his people, played with bees, ran through the grass with children and whatever other noble shit you can think of. Not someone who had any hate in his body. Stop wanting to tear down statues and rewrite everyone in history as a racist war monger. History happened, people were shitty. We can only move on and learn from it. George Washington banged slaves (probably) that he owned. Are we gonna call for a posthumous impeachment? 

Shit I hope I didn’t just give the cry baby snowflakes of the world an idea. 

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