Build el Wall! Or don’t. Who cares?

We’re not about politics here at Brew Pound, we honestly don’t care much at all about them. It’s all a waste of time and pretty much one big circle jerk of attention seeking greedy dirtbags who trick the public into thinking they care about certain things but in reality will flip flop on any issue if the right person is putting cash in their pockets. So it’s really just a waste.

That doesn’t mean we don’t see some of the things going on in the world, especially America. Obviously the news cycle loves our current president and talking about everything he says and does. One of the biggest things regarding Trump’s presidency has been about building that fuckin wall. It’s one of the most common things associated with him since day one of his campaign. It baffles me though that this is still a thing. I don’t care what your opinion on the man or his presidency or politics is, that’s not my business. I just don’t understand his rationale behind building the thing. He’s like an evil villain in a Bond movie when he talks about that wall. He doesn’t seem to have any actual plan for the thing, except acting like a spoiled child screaming that it needs to be built.

What are the aspects and materials of the wall? How will it be built? How big will it be? It’s  meant to keep people from coming in, but will we be able to get out? Is there going to be armed guards every few feet to stop people from climbing it? How deep down will it go, because digging tunnels is not out of the question. What plan will be in place to stop Trojan Horses? What will be at the ends? Will it just cease to exist once you get to the edge of America? Is that even how it will work? Just saying we need a wall doesn’t make it appear Mr. President. I feel like he built one out of legos one day and thinks it’s the same process in life. 

Also, what are we so afraid of that necessitates a wall? The few “bad hombres” that come in? We have plenty of bad hombres born and bred in America anyway, there’s no sifting through them when they’re born. What about the economy? Who’s going to do the tough jobs if we stop letting people from Mexico in? Do you really think Joe America is gonna work off the books for 4 bucks an hour washing dishes or mowing lawns? Hell no he’s not, he wants benefits and a salary in line with the cost of living. The restaurant industry would take quite a hit, not to mention the grounds keeping at probably every Trump golf course, as well as his housekeeping. We need them to keep crossing that border and doing our hard labor on the cheap.

What about us Americans? We need cheap drugs and botched surgeries for well below market costs from somewhere. Canada has the drugs but they’re too polite to give us kidneys off the black market at a discount price. And where the hell will college kids go on spring break to get blackout drunk and make awful life choices? Ah actually I’ve been doing that in America for 10 years now, the younger generations can easily follow suit.

The best part about this is, how much will it even cost? Does he really think screaming at Mexico that they need to build it will work? Does anyone not see the stupidity in that? It’s like giving a newly convicted person a do-it-yourself jail kit and expecting them to build their own cell. And if I’m Mexico, I’m giving in, and that wall is going to be the biggest piece of shit you’ve ever seen with hundreds of trap doors, tunnels, loopholes, glory holes, manholes, and you think of it we’ll make it holes. Want us to build a wall to keep us out? Sure, senior Trumpo. It’s inevitably going to be built by Mexicans anyway when a US government pickup truck parks out in front of a home depot to get as many undocumented workers as they can to do it for cheap, so Mexico might as well just outsmart the government and volunteer to do a shitty job themselves.

Honestly, why don’t we focus more on the things already in our country that need to be fixed? Whatever money and time is being spent arguing about building this miraculous wall could go towards something else, but again, politics make no sense. 

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