How to make someone sound creepier than they are

Not to say these guys aren’t creepy in their own right. Kevin Spacey has made a career playing creeps real well, so all the news of these allegations really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Turns out he isn’t that good of an actor, he just knows how to really channel his inner “himself”. The other guy, the dude from that show on CBS that I don’t think anyone actually watches but I see enough commercials for it to know it’s miraculously still on, has always kinda come off as a pompous douche. What’s been said about him though is really pushing the limits of all the #metoo movements.

Look at the headlines of these two articles though

So from these two, you get two immediate thoughts put into your head.

  1. Kevin Spacey is sexually assaulting teenage boys. Now when it’s said like that, you think of a boy 11-15, because even though 11 and 12 aren’t teen years, they’re still adolescent young minded kids, and should all be lumped together in that age bracket. Once they hit 16 though they’re somewhat more adults, even though still kinda dumbasses who think they have their whole lives ahead of them and it won’t be disappointing. So basically though, Kevin Spacey is sexually assaulting 11-15 year old children.
  2. The Bull guy Michael whatever, statutory raped Jessica Alba when she was a teenager. Girls are very much like boys when called a teen, in the sense you’d think 13-17 for these girls. That’s because most men out there need to wait until they hit 18 to be able to consider them attractive without feeling like a weirdo. (Which most of us are anyway) Writing the headline that way though, you’re thinking he was banging her before he legally could, being the creepy pedophile he is.

Wrong on both accounts (sorta). Both teens in these scenarios are 18, making them able to legally give their consent to blow whatever dude they want (both the boy and the girl), buy cigarettes, lotto tickets and not technically be lying when they say they’re over 18 before looking at internet porn. Now what Spacey allegedly did is wrong, sexually assaulting the guy, no matter the age. But now you’re making him out to be some pedophile on top of just a weird gay who wants to grab whatever bread stick he can at the restaurant. This honestly is just dumb because now you’re making people think all gays are pedophile creeps, which I’m pretty sure was a label they worked hard to get rid of.

The other guy was banging Jessica Alba at 18, when every guy and most women wanted to bang Jessica Alba. That’s not a crime. It has no ties whatsoever to his supposed sexual harassment on the set of that stupid show that makes no sense to still be on TV. That’s just a story from years ago that was already known being drudged up to portray the guy as worse than he is.

And really- how bad is he? He made some bad comments on set of the show to Eliza Dushku? He didn’t act on any of it, he didn’t physically assault her. He made some stupid jokes that weren’t really jokes but more like what every guy with eyes and has seen her has thought before. I’m sure she’s heard worse. And the 9.5 million payout probably should do enough to make all her butt hurt feelings go away. Isn’t that the purpose of the payout? To keep your mouth shut? Don’t get me wrong, when they come out that people were forced into them about things like rape or actual assault, then yeah it’s pretty bad that happened. Don’t take these payouts then though. Speak up so everyone can know how awful whatever person who paid you is. Maybe that’ll save someone else from being hurt by them in the future? Did we ever think of that? The people being paid millions who kept their mouth shut for years let these animals keep preying on victims while they had no problem ordering extra guac and now we need to feel bad for them? Give me a break, don’t take any money to be silent. Speak up. Screaming “We will not be silenced” makes no sense when you literally were paid to be, and kept, silent for all these years. There were no longer checks to be cashed though and now you need to get your name out there again and get another pay day or some sympathy work.
Being paid though to be silent and then IMMEDIATELY telling everyone that happened is just stupid. Why did you take 9.5 million? For some jokes? Honestly you’re over 13 years old, you’ve heard this stuff said before. People say some pretty shitty stuff to me, and I say some pretty awful things in return. We all laugh. That’s how the world should work.

I kinda went off on a tangent there, but seriously. Read news articles, not just the headlines, and make your own thoughts and opinions. Banging a teen isn’t illegal, as long as they’re of the age to consent. Which both of these guys supposed prey were. One consenting, the other being assaulted. One fine, the other a no-no that he should be punished for. Though I won’t lie, I have stopped watching House Of Cards because Spacey isn’t on it. Frank Underwood was great, creep in real life or not.

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