The biggest problem with todays youth

They don’t even know how to be racist! Someone teach this little girl, Asian eyes aren’t open wide, they’re slanty and almond shaped. Stretch that side eye skin, girl!

C’mon Scott, you should know better. I feel like you’re the type of dude who tells endless racist jokes behind the closed doors with his WASPy buddies. I have no doubt in my mind you’ve had more than a thought or two regarding the shade of the skin of the Kardashian Klans preferred man. 100% you’ve cracked a joke to Khloe about the newest basketball player who’s career she’s ruining. You probably have on the show, I really don’t know. I have it muted when I watch.

Seriously, people are complaining about this picture, of a 6 year old girl, making a face. This is what people spend their time doing. Commenting on the picture and any news article or tweet in regards to it, feeling the need to shake their angry fist while typing away for their voice to be heard. She’s 6. I don’t care that she’s at a Chinese restaurant. Kids make stupid goofy faces. That’s why people love em (or despise them). They’re being kids. They don’t know the difference between Japanese and Chinese. Actually we don’t either, but that’s not the point. Stop finding things to complain about. Asians aren’t offended by this. We have one here, he’s angrier at the idiots crying over this with nothing better to do. Even if this little girl had an oversized camera around her neck and was riding a bike with a brown bag of food to be delivered and had a sign that says “my L’s sound like R’s” in her hand, Asians wouldn’t care. They don’t get offended by this shit. In fact, most people crying about racism aren’t even the minority they’re sticking up for to begin with. They just have too much fuckin time on their hands.

And honestly, you can find plenty of reasons to fault anyone in the Kardashian tree and it’s extended family of misfits and fame mongers, and I’d be the first to preach how stupid and annoying they are, while secretly just using it as an excuse to look at pictures of them. This isn’t one of those times though. This is just a case of people being fucktards.

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