What you think is funny, isn’t.

At least according to the transgender person at a McDonalds in NYC last Saturday. I was waiting outside the bathroom, which was one of those multigender ones, with the “they, her, and them” on it.

I laughed at the fact that it had that sign, as I think it would just make more sense to say “bathroom” and let whoever go in there and that wouldn’t really cause as much controversy. People are literally going in there to shit, we all do it, him, her, they, them, us, it, you, he, she, whatever. We all poop. So just have a sign saying bathroom. Throw some braille on there so the blind don’t get upset they’re not included, or at least the white knights who would think they need to stand up for the blind don’t, and we’d all coexist with one shitter. Just keep it clean, don’t be a non-gender conforming animal.

Now this transgender person, who appeared to be a black man in a wig, but whatever, called me out for pointing at the sign to my friends.

This is the conversation as best I can remember, full disclosure, there had been drinking involved before…

“Whats so funny?”

“Nothing, I just think it’s a bit much for a sign for the bathroom.”

Simple enough response, civil, no tone of anger in my voice. The person’s immediate response-

“This is the problem, you racist Trump supporters think you can get away with whatever!”

That escalated quickly, but I kept my cool, because I get that calling anyone who is white these days a Trump supporter is an immediate “insult” people use, like its a derogatory term. Being as to how I honestly don’t give a shit about him or politics, i replied-

“I don’t support Trump.. I didn’t even vote.”

“Yeah, OK. You’re all the same. Fuckin Trump supporters racist assholes.”

Now- this is where I started to get pissed, lost my cool, and may have said some things that were definitely not PC, including an apology where I said

“I am sorry sir or ma’am or it or whatever you want to be called”.

Wrong on my part, as the human took offense to being called “It”. I just said I didn’t want to misinterpret what they identify as. I think that’s fair. I also was being a dick because this guy/girl/human? had been rude to me first, and I was now angry and drunk and getting annoyed at being blatantly targeted because I found something kinda stupid to be funny, and my skin color happens to be white. Either way, the person got angry and mentioned kicking my ass, I wasn’t completely shit faced drunk, so I knew fighting a transgender outside a McDonalds bathroom with that particular sign on it would definitely land me on the news as a racist, aggressive white male who had now committed a hate crime… so we left the McDonalds after we were threatened by the human, who decided because we were white we were both A. Trump supporters, and B. the same as all the other whites. That to me sounds kinda racist, but honestly, I don’t know how this world works anymore or what the definition of anything really is these days. All I know is, I don’t give a shit about politics, your sexuality, what you do in the bedroom, how you want to dress or the color of your skin. Maybe people should reciprocate that, and there’d be a lot less problems in the world. Also, simple is sometimes the best, like maybe just say “Bathroom”.

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