R. Kelly the Diddler

If you haven’t seen the R. Kelly documentary on Lifetime yet, I would suggest looking up what channel Lifetime is on your cable, because until now I hadn’t watched it ever (I’m a Bravo guy), and I assume the majority of anyone else with a dick hasn’t either. Apparently it’s not all made for TV movies about how awful men are anymore. On-Demand that shit or DVR it or do whatever you have to, but carve out 6 hours for it, it’s worth it.

I’ve always known R. Kelly was a weirdo sex fiend, mostly because I knew about the tape of him pissing on a girl. I had never seen the video, nor done much research, and truth be told I knew it was with an underage girl, but didn’t know the severity of it. I kinda just always chalked it up to crazy famous people and their stupidity, and just assumed it was a one time thing. I did always make sure to say “you know he likes pissing on girls?” whenever he was brought up in conversation. That was my way of fighting the fight, I guess. Then recently I had seen the “sex-cult” reports about him keeping girls hostage and brainwashing them in his mansions. With my little knowledge of the reality of his piss video, I just kinda thought “that crazy R. Kelly is at it again, weirdo sex freak” and didn’t give it much more thought.

Then this documentary BLEW THE ROOF off any and all preconceived beliefs I had about this sick bastard. If you haven’t seen it, here’s some of the revelations from it

  • R. stands for Robert, who knew
  • Robert Kelly was molested as a child- apparently he has briefly spoken about this before, but I didn’t know. Also, at least one of his brothers were too, and another brother of his is currently in prison, though I don’t know why. If they said it in the doc, I missed it. This lead me to just assume it also has something to do with diddling children, with absolutely no substantiated evidence to back that up.
  • Once R. Kelly hit it big, he would sit outside high schools all day, waiting for young girls, and use his new celebrity to pick them up. Also, the police knew this, and kinda just wondered what the hell was going on, but didn’t do much more than that.
  • His nickname is the Pied Piper, which is a character that would lead children around or something, but it’s kinda like smartly calling himself R. Kelly the kiddy-diddler but in a subtle way. Artistry, ya know?
  • He apparently met Aaliyah when she was 12. They were caught having sex on his tour bus when she was 14(?), but it can probably be assumed that wasn’t the first time they actually did the illegal dirty, so who knows how old she was the first time. Also, Aaliyah has a song that R. Kelly wrote about trying to get an old man to go all the way with her. So he basically flaunted his pedophilia in plain site, which he would continue to do. (Pied Piper…) People heard this and were too consumed with the beat to care about him beating it to minors.
  • R. Kelly would have underage parties at his home, basically pizza and Coca-Cosby soda. Nobody found this to be unusual.
  • Oh Aaliyah got preggers and had a miscarriage, they also were married, her age was forged (15-18) and this is all illegal yet nobody really cared. Kinda like how college bars knew I was chalking my I.D. when I went to Albany. Except more pedophilia-ish.
  • R. Kelly would routinely go to malls and stuff and basically stalk his prey. He’d use guarantees of fame to entice the kids to come back with him, and then would basically seduce them with his dad bod (since he was old enough to be their dad… and also has children so he really is a dad). He’d also force them to call him Daddy. So yeah, dad bod seduction at it’s finest.
  • He would routinely force the underage girls to have threesomes with him, on camera. He would also have of-age girlfriends, who he’d force to have threesomes with the kiddies. He’s also just have plain normal statutory rape sex with one girl at a time too. One of whom was the niece of a singer named (don’t be fooled and think stripper) Sparkles. This girl was actually the one in the infamous piss tape. She refused to testify against him, or be in the doc, and her uncle said it wasn’t his niece on the tape during testimony. This is probably why he was found not guilty. This is also why I assume the family of Sparkles niece and the niece herself have nice bank accounts to this day. Also, Sparkles introduced Robert to her niece, so she has some pent up guilt.
  • Obviously one to adapt to the times, R. Kelly stopped banging (as far as we know) girls under the legal age, and began to prey on those who had just turned 18. He’d use his classic “I can help your career” or “I’m R. Kelly” lines and lure them into his home. One of which he met when she was 17, developed a relationship with her family, and promised them he would look out for her and allow them to continue to speak to her while she went out on tour with him. Once she turned 18, of course, all relationships were severed and the parents haven’t heard from her since. This is wrong, but lets also just acknowledge the family allowed their daughter to go on tour with R. Kelly, knowing about his previous trials and allegations, as long as a record agency rep kept an eye on her and kept them up to date. AKA the family saw an opportunity for a shot at fame for their daughter and a meal ticket for themselves. Sad how it ended, but not all that shocking. They also try to hunt her down in the end but are met with crooked cops and rock proof windows at the studio their daughter was supposedly being kept in.
  • There was another girl he kept basically locked up, who he turned into his boy-toy. He literally made her dress like a boy. Not sure why he didn’t just diddle underage boys too, but whatevs. Guy knows what he likes.
  • He made the women he kept as sex slaves piss and shit in a bucket, before bringing them to the sex room to piss and shit himself on them.
  • Oh, R. Kelly can’t read or write. He’s a musical “genius”- which they made sure to let us know repeatedly, but again, the man can’t read or write.
He should remix this classic next, from jail

There’s a ton more of things, these are just a few that stand out to me at the moment (2 days after watching it and at work on a Monday morning…) A lot of the backlash on the internet wasn’t all too shocking though. Somehow this became a race issue, and R. Kelly has only been able to do this because nobody apparently cares about black girls. It is said in the documentary though that the black community itself knew and didn’t care, so I just don’t know how I read so many racist comments against white people like its their fault. This is on twitter though, so cooler heads and logical thinking isn’t really a requirement on there. In reality, it’s another example to me of Weinstein, though worse. This is a guy who used his fame, power and promises of a bright future to force women to have sex with him. He took it further by using this on underage girls, and even further by brainwashing some to live with him in a sex cult. How he isn’t in prison I don’t know, but hopefully this will push forward a movement to get his ass behind bars where he can be pissed on by multiple men and have the shit beat out of him until the only pissing he can do is filled with blood.

There’s also a ton of people clamoring about how this is all a conspiracy to get R. Kelly by the man and how people stand with R. Kelly. These idiots are as bright as the parents who thought it would be OK to let their child go on tour with R. Kelly. I don’t know who can have watched the documentary as well as know the background of the man and still defend him 100%. You don’t want to take everyone’s word for it and believe everything that’s been said as fact, fine, I agree do your own homework and research. Don’t just stomp your foot and scream it’s all not true because you don’t want it to be. That makes no sense and is pretty ignorant. He’s clearly not a stand up citizen. Nobody in their right mind should be able to defend him, I’d love a chance to actually talk to these morons in person and not from behind their twitter accounts where they just scream racism and nonsense. It baffles me how stupid people can truly be.

This isn’t about race, this is someone famous getting away with something for way too long. What he’s done is disgusting and in my opinion worse than most of the #metoo stuff you read about. Crimes against children are wrong. I’m a social worker who deals with underage sex trafficking on a daily basis, it goes on a lot more than people know, and it’s extremely infuriating and depressing. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end for this shit, and people won’t keep crying about racial issues in regards to it, but instead just focus on the crime itself. The fuckers doing this should be punished as severe as possible, regardless of the color of their skin, and regardless of the color of the victims skin. Get off your race horse and look at the real issue. Also, someone hook R. Kelly up with Hooked On Phonics.

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