If you wanna be a real man, grow a beard. Otherwise, shut up.

OK, that’s not true. If you wanna be clean shaven, go ahead. Your choice to look like a 12 year old. Don’t complain about razor commercials then, though. The main thing that’s been pointed out on repeat on this site is how easily offended people are today or how quick someone is to cry racism or sexism or non-equality or blah blah whatever the social issue of the day is. A lot of people have found issue with white men in general, thinking we all love Trump and hate progress and are set in our ways. And yeah, a lot of us are the ones who hate the social justice warriors who need to complain that the clouds are too white and windowless rooms are too dark or how that’s a sign of subtle racism. A lot of us are also all about equality and progress and really just don’t give a shit about Trump or politics or what you do in the bedroom or the color of your skin. We also don’t get offended by someone speaking in an outdoor voice and don’t like the people who do for absolutely no reason.


*Check out the ad thats offending white men everywhere*

The same white men that complain about social justice warriors are also now finding themselves up in arms over this recent Gillette commercial, which screams hypocrisy because this should really just be another thing that shouldn’t actually offend anyone. The commercial itself is pretty good, using all the recent issues in the world to show how we need to behave better towards each other, and stop using the excuse “boys will be boys” to back up our poor behavior. If you have an issue with that message, you’re part of the problem. In what world do you think that we should be allowed to bully others or sexually harass women?

The main thing people should be annoyed about is the fact that the suits at Gillette are using national issues to promote their product. It’s just like Nike using Kaepernick even though he hasn’t set foot on a field in years. It was smart and got people talking, but people shouldn’t lose sight of the fact this is just another big corporation trying to use current social issues just to make money, while really not giving a shit about people. If people want to cry about that, go ahead. You really shouldn’t be making your life decisions based on what a razor company tells you to begin with. Are there now racist men out there who refuse to teach their sons to shave with a Gillette razor? Will there be giant bonfires filled with Gillette products in an effort to boycott the stuff? Will we no longer use Gillette shaving cream on Halloween when we TP peoples houses? The fact a razor company is somehow inserting itself into social issues for product placement should be what annoys people. The message of the commercial though shouldn’t. Nobody’s saying shave off your balls just because you want to teach your kids not to fight other kids. In fact if you’re teaching your kids that, or hate in any way (*ahem Piers Morgan*) you probably should have your nuts shaved off anyway because you’re a piece of shit.

The commercial isn’t having men shave their dicks off and wave rainbow flags while patting each other on the fleshy patches of skin where their genitals used to be. It’s not having us throw our guns away right before we put on dresses and officiate a same-sex wedding between a black transgender and white transgender while the best person holds their Asian baby who hasn’t picked what it identifies as yet. There’s no short haired lesbian with hairy armpits screaming we need to fix the wage gap and stop whitewashing movie roles. Nobody is screaming not to build a wall or that Trump colluded with Russia. There is literally nothing offensive about the commercial that the conservative men of the world should need to be in a hissy fit about. Its saying DON’T RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE AN ASSHOLE. That’s a good message. I understand a lot of us men are already assholes, but simply wanting the future kids to be a little more accepting of everyone else, regardless of us being pricks, shouldn’t bother anyone. I don’t know who can make a legit argument that it should, and if you think it could, take a look in the mirror next time before shaving (obviously with any brand besides Gillette) and figure out what the fuck is wrong with you as a person.

This is just people being angry over absolutely nothing, which is the type of person they’ve already been complaining about. Do we not see the hypocrisy in that? Are you really that concerned that you might not be able to sexually harass women or teach your kids to bully anyone different than them anymore? What are you afraid of? As someone who has hated all this recent #metoo stuff going too far, or not understanding why people need to be offended at things that have nothing to do with them, this is one thing I don’t see why it’s an issue. I have a damn good beard, so I don’t use razors anyway. If you’re worried that Gillette is trying to make men less manly, be a real one and grow a beard. Until then, shut the fuck up.

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