Michael Harriot: Root of racism

This guy writes for The Root, which is “black news, opinions, and culture” so it shouldn’t be such a shock how racist he is, and how much he clearly dislikes white people. I kinda went down a rabbit hole of reading his trash after I saw his article about Bird Box, the movie on Netflix, being about white people not seeing racism. Reread that last sentence; Bird Box, a movie on Netflix, is really about white people not seeing racism.

This isn’t about my opinion of the movie, or the message behind it (is there one? Can’t a movie just be a movie, made for entertainment purposes?) Not if you’re entire shtick is race baiting whenever you can to find yourself somewhat relevant. Having no talent or lack of anything meaningful to say without crying racism really does nothing more than incite MORE racism. Which he knowingly did, then he proceeded to have an article about all the racist emails and messages he got from presumably white folk calling him N-bombs and other stupid racist shit. Those people are obviously wrong, as that does no good and just makes him seem like less of an idiot and validates his moronic point. It’s the people though who see through his bullshit and can call him out on it that he really didn’t pay any mind to. Those of us who actually don’t have hatred towards others, who dislike the ones who do and give everyone else bad names, we see through this nonsense.

I saw his article on Yahoo first, and read through the comments. Plenty of black people wrote about how he was stretching to make a point there, so it wasn’t just white people who called him out on it. Anyone with the ability to think on their own and can see when someone has to use social issues to make themselves feel important knew he was full of shit. He continues to crank out race baiting articles though, seemingly thinking it’s OK to assume all white people are racist KKK members who love Trump, while ignoring that he’s just trying to stir up more hate among people of different colors. If you want equality that’s fine, there’s no reason not to, I’m all for it. If you want to call out the racist white people in the world, such as the redneck Nazis who commit hate crimes or fast food workers who go off on racial tirades (and get fired) then do that. Don’t be so one dimensional though where you need to blame white people for ALL the problems in the world while ignoring the issues in the African-American communities that have nothing to do with anyone of any other color. Nobody is perfect. There are plenty of black people, such as Michael Harriot, who hate white people and feel the need to tear them down and toss insults at them whenever they can. There are also plenty of white people who hate black people for absolutely no reason besides they’re own ignorance they were taught at a young age or just learned through their own hate-filled eyes. Both these people are the problem with the world, and it’s the one’s who feel the need to continue stirring racist issues that fuel the continued race wars and hate.

When you need to take a popular movie and apply racial issues of the world to it for your own headline grab, you have a problem. You are the racist in this scenario. Not the writers, producers, directors or actors in the movie. You personally, who need to play the victim and cry foul at a movie on Netflix, just because it’s a slow news day and you want to get your twitter mentions up. You’re in the same boat as the moron who wrote about Seinfeld being offensive. You can’t form solid thoughtful opinions about relevant topics or write anything that you thought of yourself that doesn’t incite racism, so you apply the rule of “its got racist undertones” to something and spew out garbage. It’s sad, and it’s even more sad how many websites allow this stupidity to continue just to keep getting clicks.

I’d really love to apply Michael Harriots thought process to all movies and see how he feels, as I’m sure he’d come up with the most ridiculous racist based meaning to any movie, if he was really that bored and attention starved (Which I’m sure he is, judging from his writings) but lets just look at how he (probably) feels about Sandra Bullock movies, since she’s white and that’s usually enough for him to decide someone is evil.

Gravity- Obviously shows the Caucasian dream of being able to leave Earth and all black people behind and start over in space, with only good looking white people inhabiting whatever planet we can sustain living conditions on. NASA- No Africans Shall Apply.

The Heat- Two cops, both white, and both obviously promoted over an equally qualified black candidate for their positions. Probably has deleted scenes where they unfairly shoot an unarmed African-American who was just trying to provide for his family by selling stolen VCR’s.

The Blind Side- WHERE TO BEGIN! The black child needs to be saved by the rich white family, who only have their money because they were given unfair economical and social situations in life that are what kept Michael Oher down in the first place. The racism is clear and rampant in this movie, as the white filmmakers needed to make it in order to remind everyone that black people can never succeed without the support of the white community. The man just trying to keep us down!

All About Steve- All about how women flock to the good looking white man, Bradley Cooper.

The Proposal- A woman forces her assistant to marry her so she can stay in the country, instead of being deported back to Canada. Why couldn’t she have been a successful black woman from Africa??

Two Weeks Notice- Two Whites, notice no blacks?

28 Days- White woman forced to enter a drug rehab, had it been a black woman she’d have found herself in prison for life.

Speed- Sandra Bullock is allowed to sit wherever she wants on the bus, this speaks for itself.

The Net- Trying to say black people aren’t smart enough to use computers?

Demolition Man- Notice how there’s no trouble in the future, until they unfreeze Wesley Snipes, blatantly saying if we rid the world of the African-Americans, there’d be NO CRIME! Nice try, white Hollywood.

This was exhausting enough trying to think like a racist such as Michael Harriot, but the sad thing is if it’d get him enough mentions and clicks, he’d probably have written these same thoughts about those movies, except there’d be no satire. I’m sure if he even acknowledges this, he’ll cry racism, but again- I hate racism. I hate people of any color that hate groups based on nothing besides external differences. Stop spreading hate for your own personal gain, and maybe just try not to be such an asshole, OK Michael?

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