Keep the Chief

We’ll start with some background info; I’m from New York. When you’re growing up, you’re expected to follow the path of your father and cheer for either the Mets or Yankees. I’m not exactly a follow the rules kinda guy, and I was probably 4-5 years old when I first saw the movie Major League. My parents had few boundaries on what movies I could watch (clearly) and I immediately fell in love with the movie itself, as well as that lovely, bright red cartoon face on their uniforms, Chief Wahoo. I was a little kid, I didn’t know what the hell racism was, and this was like 1993, well before people decided they needed to be offended at literally everything. So loving the Chief wasn’t a big deal, and I got my first Indians hat that year for Christmas. As I grew up and really got into baseball I kept cheering for the Chief and the Indians, yes all because of a movie I saw as a little kid. I’m proud to say 26 years later, I still wear the exact same (style, not actual. That’d be gross) hat on my head. Blue hat, red crown, Chief Wahoo.

Of course, you can’t like stuff like this today, otherwise you’re immediately branded a racist. At least according to the social justice warriors on twitter. I made a pretty quick throwaway joke tweet to an Indians reporter talking about a player putting his Indians jersey on again this year, sans the Chief. Some SJW jumped on this as a racist tweet on my end and of course this led to an extremely long and tedious back-and-forth with a random crybaby who I know nothing about except that he’s a white frat boy looking dweeb with a dog in his picture. I basically just insulted him for being a whiny little bitch fighting a fight he had no reason to be in (as well as made mention of the fact he probably has sex with his dog) and he proceeded to call me a racist and then hypocritically tag me in a post for Mental Health Services in Cleveland, saying I needed help. Not for nothing but he must have missed the recent whiny entitled millennial meetings about how mental health is a hot topic these days and you shouldn’t joke about it, but I guess he hasn’t gotten caught up on all the latest “what to be offended about today” media out there. I don’t know the guy, but if you’re that quick to scream racist at anyone who simply makes mention of Chief Wahoo, you’ve really gotta get a life. Not to mention when you can go back and forth on twitter that long, you’ve probably gotta find a hobby. I was wasting time at work (AKA gettin paid while doing an awful job at my actual job), he was probably making out with his dog swiping right on everyone on tinder hoping they’d take the bait of using his dog in his profile picture. He clearly has time on his hands. As well as dog jizz.

Anyway, beyond this idiot on Twitter, who of course stood his ground being a hypocritical snowflake, reality has really started to set in for me. This is going to be the first year of my life I watch my beloved Cleveland Indians with no Chief Wahoo adorning their uniforms. It was probably done so Cleveland could host the All-Star game this year, as the MLB commissioner made it clear he was against the Chief when he took over, but nobody is saying that was the official reason. Instead people are hiding behind their agenda of needing to stand up for all minorities, even when the minorities themselves don’t care. There’s been polls taken in Cleveland and the US in general, and honestly the majority of Native Americans don’t give a shit about Chief Wahoo. Nobody out there was wearing him to purposefully piss off Native Americans, there was no ill will towards them or intent to cause emotional harm. He was a silly character on a uniform that the people of Cleveland and its adopted fans (myself included) grew up loving, and will miss. You’ll read people saying it was time for him to go, but chances are the people writing these articles are white people, filled with either white-guilt or just an overall need to complain about society in general.

I’m not racist, I’ve made that clear if you read any blogs on this site. What I do hate is the fact that we’re moving towards allowing anybody to be offended by literally anything, and then having to fix that. It’s becoming a world where everything must be censored so that nobody’s butt-hurt. Anyone that disagrees with someone is branded a racist, even if they don’t have a single ounce of hate towards others for their race. I have NO problem with Native Americans. I have no problem with Chief Wahoo. For the few out there that are offended about it, I’m sorry. The rest of us are adults though, and we know when something is being done with malice, Chief Wahoo and his supporters are not doing that.

What worse is the current logo, this block C. It’s boring, it does nothing that says “Indians” which is probably the point because there’s somehow so many people offended at just the name, Indians. Can you imagine Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn with the block C on his sleeveless jersey? I can’t, and the thought makes me shiver. There’s a company in Cleveland, GV Artwork, that makes great shirts for the tribe, and they have a C logo with a feather in it. I’d love if the Indians used something like that. Keep some aspect of the Indians in their own logo. They’re hosting the all-star game but at what cost? They have new red jerseys that look awful, and in place of the Chief are the all-star game patches, which are in the shape of mini guitars, cause Cleveland=Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Get it? Makese sense, still stupid. I wanna see Chief Wahoo on stage holding a guitar rockin out to “Cleveland Rocks” while I’m gettin hammered on 3 dollar beers and dollar hot dogs at Progressive Field.

Would look much better than the dumb Block C

I don’t get it, the people who are cheering about Wahoo being gone, even when they themselves are just lonely white folk who think they’re making a difference in the world with their sore buttholes. The dumbass on twitter is a microcosm of the stupidity in the world, but I hope he knows just how sad and pathetic he really is and that he’s part of the overall problem in this world where everyone needs participation trophies and is a tough guy behind a keyboard. OK clearly this guy got under my skin, but this is the Chief we’re talking about and I hate to see him go.

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