How ’bout some hometown pride in politics?

Let’s just preface this with me making it very clear this has absolutely nothing to do with actual politics. I don’t give a shit one way or the other what people believe, that’s their own decisions. And I sure as shit don’t care what politicians say because chances are they’ll flip their stances quickly if the right people want them to. The truth is no politician really believes half the shit that comes out of their mouths, they just need voters to believe it.

This is about some hometown pride, and how people shouldn’t have to fake who they are to get some street cred. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she’s called, (and will be here so I don’t have to keep spell-checking her name) was born in the Bronx. That’s true, it’s on her birth certificate. However, she was raised in the lovely little suburb of Yorktown in Westchester County. Five minutes from the town I grew up in. Yes this is knowledge that is easily found on the internet, so it’s not like she’s hiding it. My issue is she’s downplaying it. Having people believe you’re this poor girl from the Bronx who had to work her ass off to get where she is has definitely gained her some supporters. Would it have made a difference if she didn’t portray herself as Alex from the Bronx? Doubtful, as she’s been kickin ass since she came on the scene. Which is why I don’t get why she can’t show her hometown some more love.

Again, I have no problem with her, I don’t give a shit about her politics, I know about as little as one can in regards to politics in general, except that she wants to tax the hell out of the super rich. I’ll never crack higher than lower middle class (if that) so that won’t effect me, and if it doesn’t hurt me or my wallet, eh, go for it. If you try to raise beer taxes or increase drunk driving laws, then we’ll have a problem. OK, maybe just leave the beer taxes alone, at least.

She’s extremely popular and obviously smart, so Republicans see her as a threat and need to nitpick anything they can about her, such as her dancing in a video from college, forgetting that the politicians with silver spoons who were in secret societies like the Skull and Bones in Yale drank baby blood, sacrificed virgins, had all-male orgies with each other and whatever other hijinks secret societies do. Yeah let’s judge a young girl for dancing (with her clothes on) in a video in college though.

Awful behavior, compared to grabbing women by the p*ssy or raping them when they’re drunk

Obviously she’s also not that tough to look at, though she has kinda a Spanish Sarah Jessica Parker thing going on. Sometimes you’re like OK I don’t mind looking at this and other times you’re trying to figure out if you wanna throw money down on her to win the Kentucky Derby. This is also an unfair thing for women in politics, as they have to go through hearing about their appearances, something that doesn’t effect male politicians as much. If people talked about their appearances more and deducted their worth based on that, well then I don’t think we’d have many male politicians left.

The perfect male political specimen

My point here is she should stop trying to make everyone believe she’s something more than what she really is. I know people have called her out on it before and she quickly called them a “birther” to basically just deflect that they have a point, which is politics 101. Deflect and insult and then, if you can, play the race/gender card. Again- don’t give a shit about her race/gender/political beliefs. I’m not trying to birth her… if that’s how its said? I just want some love to be shown for Yorktown. I get that nobody likes to admit they’re from Northern Westchester. I’m from Putnam, right on the border of Westchester, so to anyone south of me I’m from upstate New York. AOC would be too, and saying upstate New York definitely doesn’t sound as badass as “I’m a girl from the Bronx”. Also- anything above Putnam is Upstate New York, I don’t care. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees with this. You know who else would? Pro wrestler Mandy Rose, who also hails from Yorktown. You’re in pretty good company AOC.

I spent a lot of time in Yorktown, it had the closest Taco Bell to me and I used to need to get my Fire sauce fix on a weekly basis. This Dad-bod didn’t build itself. Yorktown’s also got some pretty good bars where I first honed my drunk karaoke skills that have in no way helped me in life. I also may have been kicked out of a bar there once or ten times… it’s a fun little town. Be a little more open about it, AOC, don’t try to pretend it didn’t exist. Show us up here some pride, I’m lumping myself in with Yorktown because Putnam is basically it’s extended half. The excuse that you were born in the Bronx and would often visit your extended family doesn’t hold up either. I was born in Yonkers before moving to Putnam county and would often visit my extended family there growing up. I don’t tell people I’m from the Y-O though. I’d like to, but that’d be lying. Which now that I write this I realize is a necessary skill of politicians, so I guess I can’t fault AOC after all.

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