The times they are a McChangin’

They’re “changing” the Big Mac recipe at McDonalds in the UK and for some reason, everyone is losing their mind over across the pond (thats a saying, right?) Now, if the thought of this makes you nervous that you won’t want to continue hearing yourself get fatter and your heart weaker while chowing down on 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun (yes I know that by heart), just know the “change” to the recipe is simply adding bacon to it. That’s not a change to the Big Mac, it’s simply adding on to it, with something most people who enjoy delicious food, and don’t care about animal cruelty or that nonsense, love. It’s a pretty smart idea, except McDonalds is kinda behind on this trend. We here in America have always been adding bacon to anything we can. Just like how companies like to say something is “x-treme”, they also like to add bacon. They know what sells here in “Merica.

What I want to know is, who orders a Big Mac and eats it right out of the box the way it was prepared? Personally, I make sure to buy a double cheeseburger off the value menu, pop it outta its bun and replace it on the top layer of the Big Mac, moving the original beef patty to the bottom with it’s meat brother. You’ve now got 4 total patties on one Big Mac. Not for nothing, but the small patties McDonalds uses on a Big Mac wouldn’t fill up a starving child in Africa. My 4 patty concoction is the way it should be. Or, use the quarterpounder patties instead on each layer. Yes, I am a genius, also- I needed to spell check that genius wasn’t spelled “”genious” (spoiler: its not)

I’ve also dabbled in adding bacon from a separate double cheeseburger to it, though it wasn’t for me, but I can see the novelty of the idea. The issue is, McDonalds bacon kinda sucks. It doesn’t add much, except a cardboard piece of chewy semi-bacon flavor. I’d prefer Bac-Os to McDonalds bacon, and those things aren’t even meat.

I don’t understand people who actually throw fits when stuff like this is announced. It obviously will be for a limited time, and if you really like it, then you can always add bacon to your big mac yourself. If you don’t like it, then just order the classic option, sans bacon. It’s not rocket science, it’s also not something worth getting into a twitter frenzy with strangers about. Shut the mcFuck up and eat your food, let everyone else enjoy theirs. Bacon or not. Fuckin British Nancys.

Also, how fun is it to just put “Mc” in front of any word relating to McDonalds? It’s like adding i to any new technology or useless money grabs from Apple. Anyway, I just did research on this blog by eating a Big Mac and now I’m gonna go take a McShit.

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