My Super Bowl Conundrum

Honestly this is an issue I have every year it seems, due to my love for Sam Adams beer and the fact that the Patriots are probably the greatest dynasty of all time. That last part hurt to say but it’s pretty undeniable at this point. Tom Brady has played in more Super Bowls during his career than he hasn’t. That’s a ridiculous, yet true, fact. So is that I drink more beers during the Super Bowl than most normal humans do in a year. Another ridiculous, yet true, fact.

Sam Adams is my tops of all time, the go-to on a night out, a night in, with dinner, with a snack, as breakfast, as dessert, after a long workout, after thinking about how that’s a lie and I haven’t actually worked out in years, and even to drink as I write this. It’s my favorite beer (obviously), it goes smoothly with anything, it’s simply delicious. I’ve visited the Brewery and of course it was what I imagine they walked into when they walked through the cornfield in Field of Dreams.

Yes it’s heavy, so its tough to be able to drink an entire case, like I could of Bud Light or something. Of course, no disrespect to Bud Light. That’s my beer for weekend nights out, for tailgates, usually after a few Sams, and also on Sunday’s when I’m out all day watching football. But it’s my filler beer. It’s what I’m drinking to get blackout drunk and be able to keep going without feeling the tank getting full. To keep my alcohol intake filled continuously. I’m not drinking it for both the taste and alcohol induced fun, like I am Sams.

Which is why I have an issue with Super Bowl Sunday almost every year. It’s an event, and the way we do it usually consists of a full day of drinking plus some damn good food. I like to enjoy my beer though for the Super Bowl, so of course I want to drink some Sam Adams, in addition to my Bud Light fillers. Sam Adams is from Boston though, and by association it seems I’m supporting the Patriots while drinking it.

This year, like most of America, I’ll be rooting for the Rams. There’s no delicious beer from LA I can think of to drink though to show my support for them. Yes, I could get something else entirely, a neutral beer, but this is the high holy day of the year. I want my favorite, dammit.

I’ll undoubtedly do though what I’ve found myself doing most years, which is still showing up with a case of it to the party, and drinking every last one in between trips to the snack table. In the end, I’m putting too much thought into it, most people don’t give a shit enough to make the connection of beer to particular football team city. Sam Adams himself was an American hero, so who am I, who is anyone, to question someone who drinks his beers and their sports allegiance. Fuck Tom Brady, though he’s the GOAT, but I’ll be rooting against him Sunday and drinking the real GOAT, Samuel Adams.


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