The enabling of the disabled

I’m really wondering what day I’ll wake up and not be surprised at the softening of America and the lengths people are willing to go to ensure everyone lives in a Lego-like “everything is awesome” world. Today, it’s the changing of the “Disabled List” in baseball to the “Injured List”. We’re going to have to call it something else besides a handicap in golf soon, and that’s not a joke.

In my 30 years of life, I’ve never once thought when a player was put on the DL, that it was offensive. Honestly, who the fuck did? When did this become an issue? It took them forever to get rid of my Chief Wahoo, but somehow overnight the disabled people of America were able to sway MLB to feel that an injured player being called disabled was offending them? If a player is hurt, he’s disabled (limited in movement and activity) from his job, hence the name. When did the “D” word become an offensive thing? If an injured player was put on the “retarded list” it would be one thing for people to be up in arms about obviously, but crying over the word disabled is just disabling America even more. Hell, baseball had an actual handicap player who was damn good starting for years in Jim Abbott, he never once complained about being put on the DL, and he was on the DL of life since birth.

Jim Abbott- a non-disabled-disabled baseball player

People are applauding this as a step in the right direction for the disabled people’s rights and equality. When the fuck did they not have the same rights as everyone else? Who even knew this was a minority group? I always felt the adding of ramps to buildings and elevators and whatever other steps we’ve taken to help the handicapped was all positives. If now they’re clamoring they need to be included and felt as equal as everyone else, grab that blue sticker off their cars and erase all handicap parking. Welcome to equality and progress, where we all have to get upset looking for parking because our fat asses don’t want to have to walk to far.

Bartolo would surely love to use those handicap spots when parking

In the end it’s not a huge deal, but it’s the principle of the matter. You have to rein in the leash at some point on what we’re going to allow people to complain about and get away with. Next the homosexual community will want to change pitcher and catcher, dyslexics will want us to stop referring to it as right and left field, and the colorblind will want everyone wearing the same color jersey. Just because you CAN complain or be offended, doesn’t mean you have to be. We’re walking a dangerously thin line before we live in a world where we literally can’t speak without being afraid we’ll offend someone. Even then, the mute community would probably quietly cry about it.

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