The white elephant in the room

Esquire just released their March issue of it’s magazine, because apparently people still buy magazines. Of course, normal practice calls for magazines to release their monthly issues the month BEFORE, so it’s being released in February. AKA- Black history month. Without fail, this meant to the twitter world that the issue should revolve around Black History, even though it’s the March issue. Making matters worse, the cover story is about life as a white teenage boy in America these days

So of course that threw gasoline on the fire, and people had a lot to say. Mainly the complaints were that this is something that doesn’t need to be covered, that it’s taking away from Black History Month and “whitewashing” it, that it’s “too white” of a story (the white kid from Wisconsin is too white… gee, ya don’t say?) and that it’s a slap in the face to black people and tone deaf of the state of the country we live in today. Most of these people complaining also have some version of “I don’t read Esquire but…” which I think negates their whining entirely, because it’s clear they’re just trying to find anything they can to bitch about. I’m not reading the April issue of Black Enterprise that comes out in March and throwing a fit when an Irishman isn’t represented on the cover for St. Patricks day. Magazines know their demographics, if you don’t read Esquire already, chances are if something else was on the cover, even if it picked your interest, you wouldn’t start reading religiously. You probably wouldn’t even buy the one issue itself. Going online to complain a magazine you don’t read isn’t catering to you is just you looking for another thing to cry about. That’s directed at everyone of any race who is pissed about this, white/black/yellow I don’t care. Stop looking for a reason to moan.

The complaining gets worse, of course, as resident White-people hater/race-baiter Jemele Hill was one of the first to cry about it, as I guess her copy came in the mail and when she went to poop and read it, she was outraged at what stared back at her on the cover. (I’m sure the feelings would’ve been mutual if the kid could see her too) So she fired out a sarcastic tweet that we don’t discuss the issue of being white in America enough. Honestly, we don’t. It sounds like a stupid thing to say, but it’s not. Of course racism exists but it’s a two way street, and with the way things are right now it’s impossible for people to feel safe to open their mouths without being labeled a racist if they don’t agree with someone of the opposite color. On any issue. People are so quick to slap “Trump supporter” as an insult towards white people whenever they see fit, regardless of that persons actual thoughts and beliefs. Is the guy in charge of our country a racist/womanizing/possibly mentally challenged white man? You betcha. Does that mean all of his supporters are the same? Probably not, I don’t know statistics that well but I’m sure a few women and yes, even minorities, voted for him. I’m also sure 100% of the white male population didn’t vote for him. So simply assuming all white guys love Trump and hate anyone of another race or ethnicity is prejudiced in itself and also dangerous. It’s literally being the definition of a racist, regardless the color of your skin. You don’t need to be white to be racist.

If it’s getting to the point where we’re going to protest even speaking about what it’s like to be a white male in America, specifically a teenage one, then people don’t really want equality, but rather payback. Ranting that we shouldn’t even be allowed to talk about life in the country for us as it rapidly changes around us really sets a bad example and does more to hurt other causes. Racism is bad, NO SHIT, it effects everyone. Rather than shitting on white people, past and present, why can’t people focus on the future. Don’t like blackface from years ago in peoples yearbooks? Great, fair point. Let’s stop that shit moving forward. Want equality in the work place, equal pay for men and women because it has been unfair all these years? 100% agree, everyone should be able to make the same amount of money for working, lets get on that. Thinking that white people shouldn’t be allowed to feel uncomfortable in their lives because they’re afraid to speak up or have thoughts and opinions? Welp, now you’re just being an asshat who is trying to silence a specific race. That’s called racism, for those following along at home (or on the toilet, sup Jemele?)

The article was literally about life as a white teenage kid today, his daily life, how the political atmosphere has effected him, #metoo and thinking about other people’s feelings and comfort. In other words, its showing how we may have progressed, albeit slightly. This should be a good sign for people, that things are slowly changing. No though, instead judging by the outraged Twittosphere, you’d think it was an article about a teenage Trump supporter talking about how many of them black boys he lynched that week with a pound of dip in his mouth while stockpiling guns and egging planned parenthood. People are too quick to complain and don’t even take time to see the deeper meaning to things, or acknowledge the good in the world, if it isn’t directly effecting them.

Yes, minorities have had it hard for a very long time in this country, there’s no denying that and it 100% needs to change. Black people shouldn’t be afraid to be pulled over, white people shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their lives. Two VERY different fears, obviously, but shouldn’t we be working toward a world where nobody is afraid on a daily basis of this crap? The simplest way to avoid all this anger over such a minor thing would be to just let magazines publish whatever they want, about whoever they want, and whenever they want. Publish the stories they want to and let people read it if they choose, without fear of backlash over not representing every ethnicity enough to everyone’s satisfaction. Releasing a story for the March issue about being white in America probably wasn’t done to shit-on Black History Month. It’s standard practice for releasing magazines to do it in that time frame. Poorly planned? Probs. Someone at Esquire will definitely be getting a talking to. It doesn’t call for peoples heads to roll though, as this kid is still one of the millions Americans trying to get by in the world today, his story matters too. Everyones story matters.

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