Irish need not complain

I come from an Irish family. I also come from a Mets fan family. That’s why the absurdity of this article is almost too much for me to handle. The article is written by, a site that focuses on the Mets and the many issues that organization has within, which is fine. The latest though attacks a product that was released in time for St. Paddys day

A leprechaun Mr. Met. Yes, the Leprechaun has long been the little fighting mascot of our people, leading you to a pot of gold after getting drunk and challenging you to a fight. We’ve been fine with this, which is why you don’t hear us complaining about Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This is the epitome of a stereotype, because like most stereotypes, it’s usually true. We Irish do love to drink and fight. Know what we don’t do? Complain about said stereotype, usually because we’re too busy drinking and fighting to even notice. We’re not little pansies who can’t handle the truth and need cry about it. We tend not to cry anyway because we like to white knuckle our feelings with the help of whiskey. We don’t need the crybabies of the world sticking up for us because they think we’re offended. If we were offended we’d let you know by chugging a beer and telling you to step outside.

The entire month of March is dedicated to our people getting drunk at parades on weekends. Everyone is Irish on St. Paddys day. Wanna know why? Because that’s a day everybody wants to be part of the best ethnicity in the world and celebrate with us cause they know their ethnicity sucks in comparison. What happens on St. Pats? We get shitfaced out of our minds, drunkenly sing Irish folk-songs, eat corn beef and cabbage and end the night puking up green while we do a little Irish jig. We don’t gather in a circle and think of ways we are being misrepresented in the country or cry about cute little mascots that people love. We don’t write petitions for the betterment of our peoples. We have fun and enjoy our lives.

Wanna know how I know this guy who wrote this is one of those people who raised his hand in school to tell the teacher they didn’t assign homework, makes sure to come to a full stop, wait 3 seconds, then go at STOP signs before coming to another complete stop at a yellow light, and probably says “darn” instead of “damn”? He refers to the Indians as the Cleveland baseball team. He won’t even write Indians because he doesn’t want to offend anyone. Who does that? This is the reason Chief Wahoo was killed because of the minute population of people that need to cry at the slightest offense. I really wonder what makes these people laugh. Honestly, what do they find funny? I’m afraid anything they see on TV will hurt their delicate feelings. He probably has sex only when it’s time to procreate and it’s behind a blanket with a small hole in it.

RIP my hero.

There’s a part from a Max Kellerman article in it, which means you already know it’s going to be a monumentally stupid take

“My friend Brian Kenny was tweeting about this and someone asked him about the Fighting Irish. His father, the late, great Charlie Kenny, bog farmer from Ireland, walked the beat as a cop in Queens when he got here, was asked about the Fighting Irish and the leprechaun logo.

“And many Irish-Americans are not offended, but many are and should that also change?

The answer is yes. Unequivocally, yes.Pernicious, negative stereotypes of marginalised people that offend even some among them should be changed. It’s not that hard.

The last part- when something offends even some it needs to change- sums up the problems with the world today. No matter what, SOMEONE is going to be offended by anything. No matter how big or small the group, if someone can complain, they will. We can’t live in a world where we need to second guess every single thing that we say or do because we need to take everyone’s feelings into account. There’s too many soft people in the world to worry about why they’re going to complain today. In fact if we start doing that, people will probably complain we’re singling them out

The Irish don’t need anyone to stick up for us. Leave us alone to drown our anger at the Irish stereotype by throwin back a few Jameson shots and washing it down with a Guinness. We don’t want to be lumped in the with pansies of the world. Especially not over a little cartoon on a hat. Next this guy will be making a petition to get rid of Lucky Charms because it’s offensive. Do you want to live in a world without Lucky Charms? I think the fuck not.

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