Get your hands off my Duke

In todays story of “Holy shit I can’t believe people are actually bitching about this” we have the world attacking a famous Hollywood actor for not being “woke” enough. What actor? Well The dead-for-40-years Duke himself, John Wayne.

Some twitter warrior who has a lot of time on his hands, Matt Williams, found an interview done with John Wayne by Playboy in 1971. Obama was 10 years old, Nixon was president, and John Wayne was the epitome of an American badass. Have you seen The Green Berets, True Grit, or She Wore A Yellow Ribbon? Go grab a case of Bud Heavys and sit down and watch them if you haven’t. The guy was certified awesome.

It was also a time well before the year 2019, where white millenials with guilt stemming from absolutely nowhere can cry from behind their keyboards about how they’re offended that we still call black and white cookies black and white cookies and how they should just be gray instead. Where people who’s parents have coddled them their entire lives gives them the entitlement to think they should be allowed to dictate whats right and wrong and judge people harshly if they have even the slightest of an irrationally angry thought towards someone of another color even though it doesn’t effect them. Where this dipshit on twitter can “rediscover” a well known interview at the right time where people need something to cry about because their ace in the hole story about someone being racially attacked by MAGA supporters is coming undone right in front of their eyes.

So why are we now allowing these soft children to go back in time and scream at the clouds in faux-anger that a well dead Hollywood icon made some disparaging remarks? Anyone who knows anything about John Wayne knows how conservative he was. The time was 1971, Martin Luther King Jr had been dead 3 years, so for those catching up on their history through Wikipedia, racism was still VERY MUCH ALIVE. Did the moronic youth of today think that actual racism was still contained to nameless people in the KKK or Black Panthers? No, the rightest of right wingers didn’t like hippies, gays, or blacks, and blacks wanted to kill whites, and nobody respected women. So people are surprised he made some comments against blacks, homosexuals and Native Americans? The Duke? Who made his legendary career killing Injuns on screen… This is a shock?

When the news cycle is so slow that people are resorting to whining about what someone said almost 50 years ago in order to fulfill their white guilt quota, something is wrong. Will it shock the ultra left crybabies to find out that George Washington had slaves? Playboy never interviewed him but I’m sure he didn’t always speak highly of the help. People love Wizard of Oz but it’s only a matter of time that they tear it down because Judy Garland wore blackface once.

These were the times, before people cried foul whenever they needed attention. It’s not an excuse for it, it’s just fact. You can’t go back in time and slander the names of everyone in history for not knowing just how soft the world would be in 2019. Most of the whiners on twitter would probably have something to say if they knew how their grandparents felt. Chances are they weren’t the most progressive of their time, the people trying to keep black people down in the 60s? They were white, and more likely than not they were your grandparents. Stop throwing stones at graves and carry on crying about current events.

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