The Curious Case of Jussie Smollett

I don’t watch Empire, never have, and I have no interest to. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, in fact I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I also have a secret thing for Taraji P. Henson, so I won’t say anything bad about anyone who watches it.

Taraji, you little minx

However, like most people, I had never heard of this guy Jussie Smollett until his “attack” happened and he was making headlines as the face for anti-MAGA/Trump supporters everywhere. We all know Trump is a giant racist, womanizing asshole, but did you know ALL of the people who support him are too? Well if you didn’t, that’s what Jussie Smollett is for.

The story began in Chicago, where Jussie was walking home from Subway, sandwich in hand, at 2 a.m. Who goes to Subway at 2 in the morning, I don’t know. Is it a Chicago thing? I’ve never seen them go there on Shameless, which is where I get any information pertaining to life in Chicago from, so this is a new thing to me. He apparently wasn’t drunk, so what he was doing to be walking home and getting Subway that late (or early?) isn’t known. Honestly, this is a red flag to begin the story, especially because he reportedly got the tuna, and I feel like tuna at a 24 hour Subway (if it was one) is a gamble. At least say you got an Italian BMT or Subway Club, cold cuts that don’t turn after sitting in a glop bucket 18 hours out of the day.

Anyway, as he was walking, he was on the phone with his manager, then two dudes in masks came up and starting beating the shit out of him, calling him both the N and F bomb (he’s black and gay, so double hate crime!) and then pouring bleach on him and putting a noose around his neck. We all know white people sure do love to put nooses around black peoples necks. Also, is the plural nooses? Neice? Noosen? They reportedly also screamed “This is MAGA country!” That was it, end of attack, they ran away like the cowards all MAGA hat wearing rednecks/bullies in general really are. His manager backed him up, saying he heard the whole thing. The guy who profits off Jussies fame is definitely a reliable source of something that would propel his name out there.

This of course was perfect fodder for any politician and pretty much anti-white media outlet (*cough The Root/Jemele Hill) to immediately claim was 100% true, with no need to investigate, no holes in the story, and no need to doubt. Except the police I guess like to do their jobs and not just use the court of public opinion to open and shut cases. So they asked Jussie for his cell phone to corroborate his story that he was on the phone with his manager at the time. Jussie refused, claiming he couldn’t be without his phone for that long a period of time. Millennials and their gadgets, am I right?

This was a red flag, and people were already starting to doubt his story, including his neighbors who seem to have a good grasp on what the political climate is like around there, and apparently MAGA country ain’t it. Jussie went on TV, cried about how people are quick to not believe him without knowing the truth, apparently angry they weren’t quick to just believe him… without knowing the truth, and continued to claim his story was real.

Here we see Jussie who is either high or pretending to cry

Then two suspects were brought in. Were they the redneck, mutton chopped, MAGA hat wearing, gun toting, truck driving NASCAR fans that every single liberal politician and media outlet was sure it would be? Nope, it was two brothers from Nigeria who have also worked on the show Empire with Jussie. If you’re not familiar with Nigerian ethnicity, let’s just say, they’re not white. Oh, they’re also his gym buddies. Oh, also, they’ve filed for bankruptcy before, so could use a quick buck. Oh, also, they reportedly rehearsed the attack beforehand.

Reportedly white MAGA supporters

So now all the politicians and everyone who was so quick to back his story in order to continue their anti-Trump rhetoric without questioning any aspect of it are in a tailspin. Most of them are making sure that we know we need to hear all the facts before we judge. Of course when this first came out, they all decided they didn’t need the facts to just say it was true and was just another tale of Trump’s continued spreading of hate. Hypocrisy in politics? Shocker.

I don’t know who Kamala Harris is, I thought it was the wrestler from the 80’s when her name first started popping up. Apparently she’s a big deal? This is what happens when you avoid politics in general, but anyway after the attack, she called it a modern day lynching. I feel like a modern day lynching would somehow incorporate a phone app, but you get her point. Now, knowing what we know, did she backtrack her statements? Nope, she stuttered in an interview and said we need to get the full story. Shouldn’t we always need to get the full story before rushing to judgement? Maybe this could be a lesson to everyone, right/left I don’t care. Wait until you hear all the details instead of joining the politically charged mob that only wants to further their message, regardless of the truth.

Kamala, but NOT Kamala Harris (allegedly)

We live in a time where anyone can label someone just because it fits their narrative, without actually knowing the facts. It’s dangerous and its putting both Trump supporters and haters in danger, as it just does more to divide the country. You don’t need to automatically hate someone because of who they voted for. Are there asshole racist Trump supporters? You betcha. There’s also asshole racist democrats. There’s also plenty of good people. Let’s focus on them, the bad ones don’t need any extra attention from people, as it just helps get their message of hate out. Jussie Smollett only did more good for the MAGA lovers than bad.

And I hope some shit happens to Jussie. Like a real noose this time, maybe when they find him hanging in his prison cell? There’s no defending what he did, and he’s made it that much harder for people who really have been victimized by assholes because of their race or sexuality to come forward. Now all real hate crimes are going to be questioned even more than ever, and it’s a huge hit for both the black and LGBTQ community, which Jussie didn’t think about or care enough about before pulling his attention grabbing stunt. Apparently he did it because he got a threatening letter, and the police didn’t take it that serious. So being the entitled prick he is, he stomped his feet and said if people aren’t going to REALLY attack him, he’ll do it himself. Good job, jackass.

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