The Brewpound gang goes to Philly: Part 1

Brewpounds trip to Philly is complete, and 2 days later the hangover still exists for me, J-Bones and the Griff, but we are still somehow surviving life. Our trip was filled with beer, cheese steaks, and an overwhelmingly large number of people trying to fight me because of my Penguins sweater Seriously, I know it’s a rivalry game, but as someone from New York who has walked into Yankee stadium wearing an Indians jersey more times than I can remember, and gone to see the Packers play the Giants rockin a Rodgers on my back, I can honestly say I’ve never gotten as much shit as I did from the Philly fans. The bad rap they get is extremely justified.

Our weekend began Saturday morning with the two hour drive to Philly. With a couple of road beers in us, we arrived at our destination. What appeared to be Chinatown with the amount of little Asian markets, restaurants, Asians in general and cartoon hieroglyphics that mean small charcoal grill written on the buildings. We were greeted by a sassy woman at the front desk of our Best Western who gave us great places to buy liquor as well as make sure we knew we’d have no problem finding places to drink all night, ’cause Philadelphians sure do love to drink. I would too if I lived there. With that we quickly dropped our shit off in our hotel room that made the shed in the movie “Room” look like a luxury hotel and then went on our first quest- more beer and a cheese steak.

The hotel, nestled in between China and Japan

J-Bones has been to Philly many times and knows a thing or two about cheese steaks. Wanting to find the best, he’d heard great things about Johns Roast Pork. A dingy little shack next to an iHop and an abandoned steel mill/homeless F-shack. We got in line, walked up to the sign that says “Order Here” and the woman behind the counter, who was writing what I assume were her memoirs down on a yellow legal pad since it seemed so important, looked up at us, and then went back to writing chapter 12 of her story, the one about losing her virginity for the 72nd time. We then walked down to the register and were told we have to order at the giant sign with the “Order Here” on it.

So back we went, this time dropping a loud cough so the lady knew we were living human beings, and ordered up 3 cheese steaks and a roast pork sandwich. Cooking up the feast was a sweaty monster of a man who had no problem manhandling the bread with his bare hands and then violently smashing the steak on the grill before wrapping it up and handing em out. We then went to the little steel dungeon with some plastic clear wrap windows and an odor of old vomit (the dining area) and ate. Sub-par to J-Bones, and the roast pork was apparently a huge letdown. Myself and the Griff demolished our cheese steaks, mostly because we don’t know any better, though I couldn’t finish mine due to the large puddle that formed in my tin foil plate that was a mixture of grease, oil and sweat from the steak monster behind the counter.

Johns Cheese steak

Now our beer run, we found an ACME that actually had a large beer store inside that had quite the selection. So obviously we perused the aisles of unknown breweries and flavors for a few minutes before finally making the decision on 2 cases of Bud Light. This was a marathon, we don’t need heavy craft beers for that. Back to the room we went and the pregame of the pregame began. After downing a few, we called an uber and headed to the stadium.

The driver was a sweetheart of a woman who apparently loved life, Philly, and making sure you don’t eat or drink in her car. This was upsetting for the beers we’d pocketed for roadies, but we obliged. After some banter about our site and our article about Rocky, we got her opinion on which was the best, and she agreed on 4. Win for BrewPound!

The exit to the stadium was blocked off for absolutely no reason and we were taken on a 15 minute excursion around the city where we got our Uber drivers take on best cheese steak and for good measure, her favorite wings. Knowing the conversation had gone on for 15 minutes too long, we arrived and she dropped us off outside the tailgate, where the the real part of our trip began.

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