A reminder why film critics are idiots

After the Oscars on Sunday, pretty much one thing stood out to everyone. OK, two, the backlash from Green Book winning best picture and also, the performance by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Which if you haven’t seen, ladies you might need a mop, and guys you’ll need some tissues.

Yes Bradley was snubbed for best director, which I’ve already written about, and there was plenty of people who weren’t happy about that. In fact it was pretty much everyone’s biggest surprise non-nomination.

A Star is Snubbed

Bradley also lost that night for best actor, to Rami Malek, who lip-synced his way to somehow winning. As opposed to the guy who learned to sing and play an instrument better than most people who actually sing and play instruments for a living, as well as direct himself and two other actors to Oscar nominated performances. That’s not the point here though. That’s been covered. Now we’ve moved on to morons like Johnny Oleksinski who has decided that this was Bradley Coopers only high of his career that has also apparently led to the end. What a great take.


That performance was the best acting of his career so far, albeit a career that included three “Hangover” films and TV’s “Alias.” With “A Star Is Born,” Cooper became a major Best Actor contender.

Nothing like some yellow journalism on a snowy mid-Wednesday afternoon. Rather than mention this was his fourth Oscar nomination since 2013, all for acting (3 lead, 1 supporting) he chose to point out his 3 buddy comedy drinking movies and a role on a TV drama. Obviously since he wanted to use the Hangover trilogy to discredit him, it shows Oleksinski is one of those people who has his pinky out while sipping tea at night, laughing at cartoons in the New Yorker, even though they aren’t funny. Because he wants, nay needs, to look cultured and sophisticated. Never mind Bradleys Oscar nominated performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper, or American Hustle, we’ll just condense his work to a TV show and a raunchy comedy trilogy.

Already proving his bias and need to grab your attention by misleading you with his subtle digs, he used three things to pinpoint exactly how A Star is Born failed at the Oscars. Hype, time and ‘tude. The hype from A Star is Born has died down since it was released. That I’ll give him, as that is a common thing that happens with movies every year in regards to the Academy Awards. Hype and ‘tude though, he’s just blowing words out his ass trying to make you think this was somehow an amateur effort at directing that was only given such attention because it was a well known remake. Then he went at Bradley Coopers one interview where he kinda seemed like he didn’t want to be interviewed at all. This is his ‘tude.

So rather than correctly playing the game and being himself is what cost Bradley Cooper his chance at an Oscar. Which will apparently end here. Never mind this was his fourth nod. Or his first movie he directed. Apparently this is the end for him? Or, like other actors nominated almost every year for an Oscar who don’t win, yet people keep saying they deserve one (*cough*Leo), maybe his is coming soon. This is why critics, and the Academy who relies on them and also making sure they show attention towards any current political bias, are idiots.

3 thoughts on “A reminder why film critics are idiots

  1. I agree a lil bit except Rami went full method acting with portraying Freddy. As for Bradley he just picking up a guitar and singing and I’d say he was in that wierd fine line where he might have been supporting actor.


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