A savior for our children

You hear it all the time from anyone who has needed their kids to teach them how to use a computer, that young kids are “on their phones all the time” or “watching too much TV”. This is true to an extent, I guess. How many people would feel lost without their phone for any period of time? Think about it, you’d go into shock. Your day would be filled with instagram anxiety wondering if there were new “likes” on one of your pics.

The issue is continuing to effect the younger generation, as the parents of newborn children are so used to looking at their phones and growing up watching TV that they’ve passed that onto their own children, and instead of parenting them, have let TV and youtube do their job for them. Children spend an absurd amount of time watching the shows and cartoons that they’re in danger of losing touch with reality before they even sprout their first pubes.

Well sick of seeing the world turn to this sad state, some creepy weirdo with too much time on their hands has found a solution. They’ve started somehow inserting this freaky anime-Tim Burton love child character into YouTube shows like Peppa Pig, and having her instruct the children to do some sort of self harming task.

Not the face that I’ll be seeing in my nightmares later, but instead the face of the hero we didn’t know we needed. One who said it was too much TV and shitty parenting in this world and not enough child suicide. A real life superhero doing Gods work and saving the children.

“Save the children”

So now instead of trying to find a new country to explore with Dora, they’re being told to “turn the oven on while mommy sleeps” or “find a bottle of pills in the bathroom and take them all”. Oh, and she also tells the kids if they don’t, she’s going to come kill the kid and their parents. What self-aware child wouldn’t instantly give up their own life to save their families?

This is creepy as hell and seriously fucked up but somebody is really doing it. Maybe parents should stop letting tablets and TV’s parent their kids and then they wouldn’t have to worry about this shit… until then, we have this Momo character, as she’s being called, saving our next generation of youth by knocking off one unsupervised kid at a time.

Also for the record, no kids have really died from this, so no need to actually rip that phone out of any 4 year olds hands.


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