This is a self-made post about the Kardashians

Kylie Jenner has officially become the worlds youngest “Self-made” billionaire. She definitely deserves a congratulations for that. It’s tough to become a billionaire, much less a SELF-MADE one. She had to work her way up through the ranks, probably starting in the mail room, where nobody knew who she was, before climbing the corporate ladder with absolutely no help whatsoever from anyone else. With only her blood, sweat and tears to lubricate her rapid progression into the upper echelons of corporate America, she can finally sit back and look down on us, the peasants from once where she came.

Oh what’s that? She was born into a wealthy family, with an Olympic medal winning father and a mother who was once married to a prominent lawyer? One who helped represent the Juice in the trial of the century, no less. You say her family had a reality show that she was on when she was 10 years old? Was it a documentary filming her rise to the top from the bottom? No? It was to film her sister and the rest of her family? Well did her sister at least do something amazing that led to such an opportunity?

Oh, she was in a sex tape with a shit rapper and used it to capitalize on her 15 minutes, turning it into a social media empire that is still going stronger even to this day? Well, OK. But Kylie can’t help that her family was famous and wealthy, she still was able to work her ass off alone and become the tycoon we all know her as now. Even Kim said so

“I really didn’t get it (criticism of Kylie being self-made), because she is ‘self-made’ — we are all ‘self-made.’ What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn’t really make sense … I know so many people like that [who] haven’t turned out to be as successful as Kylie. If anything, I’ve seen the complete opposite.”

See, makes no sense. Just because she came from a successful family who was able to hand her all the opportunity she has had, as well as definitely influenced just how many people subscribe/follow all her social media accounts which she uses to promote her products that have led to her fortune DOES NOT mean she isn’t self made. The other young richest billionaire, she’s also 21, she inherited her fortune. NOT SELF MADE. See the difference? Kylie only inherited her families wealth and fame and used it to… oh shit, did I say wealth? She used the millions of dollars to create more millions of dollars? Hmmm.

So in order for me to become a self-made billionaire, I would need inherited millions to use to my advantage? Why aren’t we all self made billionaires then? That seems like a simple enough opportunity. Why don’t more people do it?

Kim is correct, she was self-made, minus the already mentioned opportunities she had since birth. Though, I assume she did make that sex tape herself, at least 50% of it, so that’s a start. And their mother, she did make all the kids herself, so by default she too is a self made awful person. Khloe is actually probably only 40% human at this point, the rest a plethora of plastic, gelatin, botox, plastic surgery scars, etc. but she did choose all that herself, so she too is self-made. Kourtney, well she’s the best, so I find no fault in her. She’s 100% self made and also perfect.

And Caitlyn, well… no comment.

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