Does Obama have a pretty face?

Another name keeps popping up in the news, and due to my lack of knowledge/caring when it comes to politics, I’m not sure who this woman is. Ilhan Omar, a representative from Minnesota, is a Muslim woman who has been making headlines due to hating Jews, retweeting Al-Jazeera, and most recently condemning Obama as “just another pretty face” who got away with an overall bad Presidency due to his exploiting hope and change agenda. Now, whether she has valid points/really does hate Jews, is not for me to say. Beyond knowing that the political sweetheart from my neck of the woods, AOC of Yorktown NY, appears to back up her every word, I had no clue she existed as a person until just recently or what she stood for.

This latest headline grab of hers though, throwing shade at Obama, is sure to ruffle the feathers of the Democratic party. Again, I know almost nothing about politics, but I do know Obama pretty much walks on water to the Dems. Hell, to most of the country. Except I have to wonder, does he even have a pretty face?

When you think of the best looking President of all time, JFK is sure to top most peoples list. So I want to know how Ilhan feels about him. Does she have a ranking of Presidents she’d like to allow to toss her Burqa back and plant a kiss on those forbidden lips of hers? This leads one to wonder, if Obama got away with being a bad president, then how many before him got away with a shitty presidency based on looks alone?

Ronald Reagan has to be one she’d rank high on the just a pretty face list. The man was a Hollywood actor before taking the reins of the country. You don’t make it in Hollywood without a pretty face.

OK, well some fall through the cracks.

So you’ve got JFK and Reagan up there with Obama, just based on fair assumptions of the female mind. Both Bush’s have to rank lower than him, Clinton I guess if you fall for his charm and charisma, might be ahead of him, but for sake of argument, we’ll say Obama is a prettier looking man. Now who else would Ilhan consider to round out the top 5 pretty looking faces of our Presidents?

Trump? I mean, he’s built like an athlete, since Butterbean the boxer is an athlete. Looks wise, I don’t see Ilhan having much interest in a fake orange crayola tan and hair resembling a tumble weed. He’s out.

The rest from the 1900’s- Jimmy Carter was cute, with the southern peanut farmer charm, but I wouldn’t say pretty. Tricky Dick Nixon had a nose that they based the modern day eggplant emoji off of, so he’s not up there. Gerald Ford looks like he’d fit in as a typical Uncle in any family, but that’s not saying much.

Dwight D Eisenhower had googly eyes

And I don’t know how she feels about the handicapped, but FDR probably is out. Herbert Hoover, just no.

Teddy Roosevelt was probably the toughest President who ever lived, but that doesn’t really equate to being pretty. So we need to go even further back to find the final 2 of Ilhans prettiest Presidential Rankings.

Ilhans Prettiest Presidents
1. Obama- She set the bar with him, as he’s the only one she’s publicly stated she finds attractive.

2. JFK- The dude was having an affair with one of the hottest women to ever live,

Plus women swooned at just his name. Dating a Kennedy to this day is like the top of the pyramid for gold digging women everywhere.

3. Ronald Reagan- Hollywood and Political royalty. His face was plastered on the silver screen for a reason.

So the last two, we need to get into Ilhans mind. I think it’s safe to say she finds beards attractive, pretty sure it’s a necessity for all Muslim men, and some women. So who had the best beards of all time while living in the White House?
4. The obvious choice- Abraham Lincoln.

The man is as well known for his beard as he was for his hatred of slavery and love of the theater. Plus, with all the publicity he gets, whether it be on money or in movies, he has a face that signifies Presidential Prettiness Standard. He would definitely be in Ilhans top 5.

So then, who is the dark horse fifth candidate? After much deliberation and research, I think Ilhan would agree, the fifth prettiest President of all time would be

Drum Roll

Rutherford B. Hayes

Just edging out Ulysses S. Grant, his beard gets him the coveted fifth slot. It has that unkempt, ragged look that Muslim women and men love. Slap a turban on this guy and he actually might take the number one spot for Ilhan.

This of course is what I assume Ilhan would think, not my own opinion. If you ask me, nobody would beat Martin Van Buren in the pretty department.

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