Would Hitler wear a MAGA hat?

It definitely feels like we’re currently living in America during it’s most divided time since the South was afraid it might have to pick it’s own cotton going forward, without any help from the forced volunteers they owned. Whether or not that’s true, I can’t be sure. I’ve avoided caring about politics or the political climate of the country, the talking heads spewing nonsense on the right and left news channels, hell I’ve never even voted in my life. What’s going to happen will still happen, regardless of if I check some box on a Tuesday in November at my old elementary school. I like to put all my time and energy into caring about if the Indians might finally win a World Series, or if we can maybe get a defense that will help Aaron Rodgers during his few remaining prime years, or who will replace Ben Affleck as Batman. The important stuff in the world.

It’s becoming harder to ignore politics though, with the constant news cycle rehashing the same shit about Anti-Trump supporters vs. MAGA hat wearing Trump lovers. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about people wearing MAGA hats or displaying MAGA crap. This is apparently a big deal, even to just wear this stuff. Even though a lot of people in the country support Trump, like enough to have voted for him, hence why he is our current President, it still apparently is disrespectful to rock a red hat with some words thrown on it. As someone who hates when people bitch about whats on your hat….

this has obviously caught my attention.

People are being refused service at bars/restaurants, being targeted in public, being harassed and called names, and even being physically assaulted. All because they wear the hat on their head and support the man in charge of our country. Trump has 100% said and done some shady and racist shit. You can support him though and not agree with every dumb thing he has said. Simply wearing the hat doesn’t make you a racist redneck. Except to people who are used to being coddled their whole lives and need to rant and scream because they didn’t get what they want in 2016, or the one’s who use it as a vehicle to continue hating white people in general, it apparently is the equivalent of wearing Nazi propaganda.

Again, I’m not the smartest man in the room, even when I’m alone, so I don’t know too much about history. I do know though, Hitler and the Nazis killed 6 million Jewish people simply for being Jewish. They targeted and actually killed these people in pretty horrific ways solely because of their religion. I missed where Trump has thrown anyone, based on race or religion, into some sort of concentration camp and sent them to the gas chambers. The shit at the borders has been going on before Trump, it will go on after Trump, and I’m really not sure what sort of resolution everyone wants with it. Just allow anyone into the country? I’m all for immigration, but I also think there should be some steps taken before someone can waltz into Arizona and get an off-the-books job at some landscaping company. If you know sneaking onto U.S. soil with your 4 year old kid might end with you behind some cage, separated from your child, maybe don’t do it? And most importantly, I also missed where anyone who voted or supports Trump, also supports and sympathizes with Nazis.

Apparently they have though, and that means people think they have the right to harass and harm someone for wearing a hat. So in order to show you disagree with someone and think they’re racist, aggressive people who will hurt or target someone because of their skin color, you think it’s OK to target and hurt them based on what’s on their head. Is that irony? Hypocrisy? Fuckin stupid? Yes, to all 3.

Some people out there literally just wear the MAGA shit to show they support our country. Like it or not, it’s the hat of the man in charge. The babies of the world think that gives them a green-light to treat MAGA supporters however they want, which in turn makes them just as bad, if not worse, than the people they’re going after. If some kid in Idaho wants to wear a MAGA hat to school, without actually hurting anyone, why do the liberal arts teachers of the world think it’s OK to call them names and taunt them in class? In between not finishing that novel they started 7 years ago before their ex-wife cheated on them with the gym teacher, while wearing a peace sign necklace. Why do bartenders or waiters think it’s OK not to serve someone because of their political views, that they’re not even making a big deal about, minus an article of clothing? Is that not modern day segregation and harassment? Telling someone you won’t serve them, just because of the color of their hat. When you bitch and moan MAGA supporters spread hate, what makes you think firing your own hate at them on all cylinders is the answer? If you want a peaceful world, wouldn’t it make sense to treat everyone kind and fair?

Are there some people out there who DO hate minorities, women, other religions, and also support Trump? 100% yes. Just as there are people out there who hate Trump and also hate minorities, women and other religions. There are people out there who hate Trump supporters enough to want to call for their heads, inciting more hate. MAGA shit isn’t the new Swastika. It’s simply a piece of clothing that is like wearing a Sanders 2020 tee, or having some Obama sticker on your car. It’s not a sign that the person wearing it wants to kill everyone different than them. It doesn’t mean the person is in the KKK or has a stockpile of guns in their home. It’s not a call to rise up in support of the superior race. It just means you like our country, and tolerate our President. And it’s not an excuse for someone to berate and treat the person wearing it like shit.

I don’t give a shit about your politics, I don’t care if you voted for Trump, Hillary, Pedro or whoever. If you didn’t vote Trump though, that doesn’t mean you get to stomp your feet and complain that you don’t like the results of the election. That’s the point of having elections. Enough people in the country liked him to a point they wanted him to be in charge. Or they hated Hillary enough to just not want her to be in charge. Regardless, it is what it is. People blow the MAGA supporters actual hate out of proportion, they don’t commit as much senseless hate crimes as those who can’t stand them like to pretend. If they did, shitty TV actors wouldn’t need to fake a hate crime for publicity/money.

Unless Trump starts making his supporters start rounding up anyone who isn’t a white Christian male and sending them to some concentration camp he created in Austerlitz, NY (simply because it sounds similar enough), then you shouldn’t be harassing anyone who supports him. Fighting fire with fire just creates more fire. Or whatever the fuck it was Ghandi said.

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