Was Jussie Smollet adopted?

It would appear he was. Apart from being a lying coward who blatantly lied and manipulated the public to sympathize with him by committing his own hate crime and pushing an anti-white agenda in our faces, he’s also now up there in the upper echelons of great deal makers, possibly as high up as his fake nemesis Trump.

It wasn’t the truth that set him free though, because the amounts of twists and turns the truth took in this case would be enough for M. Night Shyamalan to make another bad movie. Even though he blatantly lied on camera, with fake tears, in front of the entire country (or whoever tuned in) about how he was telling the truth about that night, there were more plot holes in his story than an episode of Empire.
*I don’t know if that joke made sense, I don’t watch the show. Here’s another chance to show Taraji P. Henson though

He wanted the world to think he was on his way home from Subway at 2am while on the phone with his manager, before being attacked out of nowhere by what he (basically) described as two redneck white men with mullets, wearing MAGA hats, holding Bud heavy cans, blasting Sweet Home Alabama and wearing socks with sandals. They called him racist slurs and homophobic names, because of course they would double down on their hateful agenda and not focus on only ONE possible audience he could gain sympathy from. They also told him this is MAGA country and to get out, something I think only cartoon versions of stereotypical Trump supporters would say, while they sit in their thrones sending robotic police out to shoot unarmed black men. They also poured gasoline on him and tied a noose around his neck. We can’t forget to remind the world of the lynchings that took place well before Jussie was alive, but not too long ago that we can’t use it to fuel the racial fires of the world today. (no pun intended with the gasoline and fueling of the fire… unless you laughed. Then pun intended.) Or they were just fashionistas who thought he’d look great in the newest Burberry

The Jussie Smollett collection

But people doubted it. There was something off about the whole thing. Jussie refused to give his phone to the police, because making sure he could check his instagram was more important than catching the alleged homophobic, racist, Blimpie loving/Subway hating attackers. So rather than just take his word at face value like we’re supposed to these days with victims of any crime done to them by white men, people actually looked into it. And the truth began to slowly pour out. The two Joe Dirts who attacked him? They turned out to be two beef cake Nigerian fellas. Not exactly what comes to mind when you hear MAGA loving redneck whiteboys. But who knows? March 17th this year I’m sure they were a little Irish, everyone is. Maybe that’s what helped get Jussie off.

“Everyones Irish Nigerian on St. Paddys Day!”-Jussies Lawyer

Oh, they also knew him from working on Empire together. In addition to that, they claimed he paid him to do the attack, which was probably less an attack and more them telling him not to flinch before they punched him, which most likely failed the first few dozen times. There was a check signed by Jussie to them, and it came out he sent himself a fake death threat to elicit a sympathy raise from producers before staging the attack. So yeah… a lot in the realms of the obvious that make it clear, he was full of shit. So then he was arrested and indicted on 16 felony counts of basically being a lying sack of shit. Nobody seemed shocked, it was quite clear this was coming. Then today- well actual shock.

All charges dropped and he has to forfeit his measly $10,000 bond and do some nonsensical community service. Of course, there were two main reactions, those who didn’t care that he did it but thought he was in the right because anything anti-Trump is allowed, and those of us with common sense, who can’t believe such a lying piece of shit got off with clear cut evidence. Some back room deal was alluded to by Chicago’s mayor, and the Police Superintendent, who didn’t know that he was going to be given a wrist slap harder than the pretend slap he made up happened, and allowed to go free.

Jussie had this to say after

“I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I have been accused of,”

So now the question has to be asked. Was Jussie adopted? Did his mother tell him something during the case that we didn’t know? He lied repeatedly and to numerous people, so obviously he has no problem continuing to lie. Is he doing it with a wink though, knowing what we don’t, that his mother ISN’T his actual mother? Is he hiding in plain sight, knowing he’s a gigantic piece of shit who deserves to rot in a jail cell for doing more damage to the groups he hid behind while crying hate crime?

The whole thing is a gigantic load of shit that will do more harm than good in the end, and Jussie will continue to profit off his lies and continue being a fake social justice warrior who hasn’t been physically hurt except maybe once on set when they made him wear jeans too tight. He most likely pulled an Aunt Becky and paid the right people off to get what he wanted, proving money really is all that matters in this world. Which is why he staged the entire thing in hopes of getting more to begin with. This should be a lesson though, don’t let legal proceeding play out in a court of public opinion. Unless it’s a cop shooting a black man. Then, obviously we don’t need any facts or evidence to prove the truth.

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