Is white face OK?

Chalk it up to ignorance, chalk it up to being white, chalk it up to another case of not knowing the rules. If a black man chalks it up on his face, is that OK?

The racist skeletons (with faded shoe polish on their skulls) of many politicians have recently been unearthed, leading to a ton of people in charge of lying to the public to get a government check and false sense of entitlement taken away from them. It’s been hammered into our heads a lot of late, no blackface. Ever.

That’s fine, we’ve already discussed blackface and whether it’s ever OK here:
so that’s been talked about plenty, but we need to focus on the other side of the black and white cookie too. Is it OK to wear white face?

The Wayans brothers, geniuses in their minds, were ahead of their time with the often overlooked, brilliant, coming-of-age, (I’m lying about all these positive things I’m saying) hilarious romp White Chicks. The movie was a deep look into white stereotypes of the modern white female, as seen by the Wayans brothers, and I assume the black community. It has a solid score of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, which the haters will say was unfairly scored by racist white critics wearing MAGA hats. Those of us with a brain know, however, that it’s because it’s an absolutely awful movie.

I’m not going to complain of this being a case of reverse-racism. There has been plenty of depictions of blackface in Hollywood movies since the white man has been able to capture moving images. My only concern though, did this movie inadvertently pave the way for Jussie Smollets “attackers” to get away with assault?

Jussies lawyer, not giving into the fact that the majority of the American public realizes just how full of shit and stupid his client, the city of Chicago, and anyone who still believes him are, recently made a stunning revelation. Jussie may not have realized who his attackers were because they were wearing white face. Continuing to push their theory that it’s not a lie if you believe it-

Jussie and his lawyer want to add another layer of deceit to their already growing list of obvious bullshit. While paying off his Nigerian buddies to orchestrate this wild game of racist tag, Jussie may have added a few extra bucks in the check for them to pick up some white paint before knocking his sandwich out of his hands and then hugging it out after maybe hitting him once. This way, when he tells the world it was two white guys who attacked him-he thinks- he isn’t totally lying. He can’t be sure. It was dark and all he saw was what appeared to be two MAGA hat wearing mimes coming at him with a noose.

Had it been Hulk Hogan, this never would’ve happened.

I want to know though, if pictures surface of these two getting ready, perhaps during rehearsal for the attack, which I’m sure happened, wearing white face, will they lose their careers and jobs? Should we white people be offended? Could this actually be a loophole they’ve discovered in the criminal justice system? Is that why they aren’t being charged with a crime, because they were white when they did it. Is this white privilege being exploited? From now on, if a black man were to commit a crime, if he’s wearing white paint on his face while doing it, will he be exposed to all the perks that come with being white? The never ending bank vault and endless opportunity we’re supposed to receive, even if most of us don’t. The ability to be pulled over by police and NOT be shot, even if we all have that opportunity as long as we don’t ignore their warnings and pull weapons on them. The get out of jail free cards, even if we actually did commit crimes, that only white people- ah, and Jussie Smollet- get to enjoy?

This may be the beginning of a new chapter in our countries history. White face may soon take over the criminal underworld and criminals will fully take advantage of it. We may soon never have to wonder if we’re in a sketchy neighborhood, because everyone will have clown faces plastered on their skin and we won’t be able to judge them solely on their skin color. Soon, every “wanted” poster will have what is basically a sketch of a Wayans brother in White Chicks on it, and all hell will break loose. The Joker in Batman? Just another brotha’ from now on, working the grind to make ends meet.

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