What do I do with my hands?

Joe Biden has always had that goofy uncle feel about him, who we loved to watch have a bromance with Obama and wished they’d get their own reality show after their term ended. We didn’t get the show though, and with Biden out of the limelight for a few years now, people are hoping for an Obama spinoff in 2020 starring crazy Uncle Joe. Of course, in this era of #metoo and #stompmyfeetandcry, the woke crowd of the world doesn’t want another old white man in charge. In this current climate, finding fault in a man the left once loved clearly isn’t that hard, as the narrative has moved away from Biden the fun uncle to Biden the creepy uncle.

The conservatives of the world of course love this, as it’s a great talking point for them to bring Biden down, while ignoring their parties own well documented history of wandering hands or fearless leaders advice of what to grab women by. Not to mention, his own inappropriate touching of his daughter whenever he gets a chance.

The left love this because they can use it as a springboard to push some other lesser qualified candidate to the front, either a minority or a female, strictly because it’s 2019 and the white man’s time is up or something like that. Accusations of misconduct are already coming at Bernie Sanders for the same reason. Pretty sure there’s wanted ads out there asking for anyone who has seen someone even slightly resembling Larry David doing something inappropriate to come out and accuse Sanders of doing what Trump told us to and grabbing someone by the pussy.

Doesn’t it seem like it’s going a little far though? Especially with Biden. You can look at a lot of pictures of him caught in certain moments and it definitely does not look good. You can also look at the same pictures and it’s pretty clear the dude just has pretty poor boundaries, but I don’t think he has rapey hands. He’s just a weird old guy who doesn’t respect peoples space. I don’t think he’s been playing tummy sticks with children though and telling them not to say anything to their parents, as the media would like you to believe.

The fact this is becoming such an issue is crazy. You have a President who has a million documented cases of literal sexual harassment/border line rape, as well as tons of extramarital affairs, plus the already aforementioned locker room talk. The right has no issue with that, but Biden comforting a nervous woman, or putting his head a little too close to another 85 year old woman, all in public, is apparently enough to make him a full-on-rapist.

Not to mention, two of these woman came out after the awkward touching happened and said people were making a big deal about Biden, that they weren’t uncomfortable and he didn’t do anything wrong. With that not fitting their narrative, the crybabies of the world-feeling their feelings while watching at home, untouched, are more important than the actual woman who Biden is apparently raping on live-TV- have turned him into a monster named Gropey.

Even the women coming out now, looking for publicity or payoffs from the Republican party in an empty parking garage, aren’t really making much of a case. Nobody is saying he did anything overtly sexual to them. He grabbed someones head, or he put his arms around their shoulders. This is over the line touching today? Where will the line be crossed? Hugs are going to be a class-D felony pretty soon, if the entitled hipsters seeking attention in exchange for their tears, get their way.

I don’t care about who wins in 2020, I couldn’t care less about politics in general, but people need to stop finding fault in everything anyone does just so they can push their agenda. Unless it turns out Biden has been keeping children locked in his basement, only letting them out once a day to wrestle with Uncle Joe, then people need to grow up and stop trying to turn the world into a giant bubble wrapped society where people will eventually be shamed for simply having an inappropriate thought.

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