The teaser-trailer for the new Joker movie dropped today and it looks unreal. Of course there’s people already putting it down because it’s not Heath Ledger and they of course had no idea that the Joker existed before and will continue to exist after him, in many different variations. Some good, some extremely, brutally bad, unless you’re just making a character to peddle some cheap merchandise at Hot Topic.

This movie looks like it could be an amazing, dark movie that would be great even if it were just about some random dude named Alex Simpleton who gets bullied and then snaps and starts killing people and committing crimes. Adding the extra layer of the character being the Joker just increases how great it probably will be. Does my Batman fanboyism play a part in how excited I am for this? Most definitely. Do I expect there to be some form of Batman in the movie? No, maybe just some passing mention of a dude terrorizing criminals at night while wearing a cape, which will be enough for my pre-movie Batman boner I will inevitably have.

The people bitching about the movie though, how they don’t want to know the Jokers origins and just want to see 90 minutes of Joker doing Joker shit, are morons. Heath Ledgers Joker was obviously amazing, and as much as the ’89 movie loving me hates to say it, was the best version to be on screen, so far. Honestly, these people probably have never seen the animated Mark “Luke Skyawalker” Hamill version of the Joker, because that’s 100% the definitive Joker laugh that will be unrivaled. Not to mention, for the comic nerds out there, the Killing Joke is one of the best Joker stories of all time, and guess what it’s about? That’d be his origins. It was made into a cartoon movie, but it wasn’t all that great, even with Hamills Joker and Kevin Conroys perfect Batman voice. It added some Batman/Batgirl sex scene, and yes you read that right. And no, it was not good.

Ledgers Joker was amazing, and the mystery of his origins was a layer of the character that most definitely made him even more iconic, but that doesn’t mean every version needs to be that way. In fact, the people complaining they don’t want to know his origin are the same tools that would probably be crying they’re ripping Ledger and Nolan’s version off if they chose to not tell his origin. The ’89 Batman was about how the Joker became the Joker, and it worked.

This is a completely different character, yet seems it will remain true to the necessary attributes of the Joker. Let’s not forget, this isn’t actually a real person. It’s not a remake of Ghandi where the title character is now a smart white guy who travels to India and is horrified at what he sees, so decides to fight for Indias independence through use of guns and extreme violence. It’s another take on a fictional character, who up until now, we’ve had a few great versions of.

The trailer shows we’re gonna get some weird mother/son relationship and an extreme case of bullying. This will all lead to him snapping and becoming the Joker. We heard him laugh in the trailer and it was good enough for me, plus Joaquin Pheonix is a fuckin weirdo to begin with, which is exactly what I want the guy playing the Joker to be. Deniro is in it, and it seems like it’s going to have some elements of his and Scorsese’s underrated “King of Comedy”

The fact that this is a gritty homage to Scorsese-Deniro movies of the 70s/80s, including the aforementioned King of Comedy, is probably the coolest thing about it, besides any aspect of Batman. Give me a Joker and Batman in the dirty, porno-theater filled, crack riddled streets of Gotham City of the 80’s and you have yourself a hit. Basically a Jokerized Taxi Driver. That’s probably the perfect time frame to use if you’re making this a comic book period piece. Captain Marvel had the bright colored, Blockbuster and Nirvana loving 90’s, Batman and his villains deserve the dark, we might get nuked any second, cocaine fueled 80’s. If there’s somehow some Bruce Springsteen used in the movies soundtrack, my pants might literally explode in the theater, leaving me to walk out a soiled mess with a smile on my face. Which is exactly what the Joker would want.

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