Does Deadspin hate white people(men)?

It sure seems that way, or at the very least, they feel they need to cater to the audience of today that stomps their feet and cries that the wind is racist for blowing harder in urban neighborhoods. Or something like that.

Though the majority of their blogs they write are geared towards covering actual sports stories on the field, they have plenty more that use the minimal amount of ties to sports figures as a platform to voice their own agendas. One that has caught my attention regularly is Laura Wagner, who I assume wakes up, shoves some men’s deodorant on her hairy armpits in the name of feminism, and goes to work looking to see what white male she can rant about today because they happened to be born with a dick. This particularly caught my attention when she started going after Trevor Bauer. As an Indians fan, it’s rare any of our players get much publicity or mentions, even when winning two Cy Youngs or putting up MVP numbers all season. Bauer had always been the one making headlines though, usually not for the best reasons. This of course was no exception.

Trevor was getting shit from someone online and rather than just let it go, he struck back. It was a woman who started it with Trevor though, so obviously when he had something to say back to her, Laura got to label it “harassment.” “Had Bauer been a woman and the aggressor on Twitter a dude, the headline would’ve been Trevor Bauer Claps Back at Twitter Troll. She then proceeded to write a few more articles about him (harassment or infatuation?). Then, after countless “reporters” wrote about how bad a dude Trevor was, without ever speaking to him, he decided he’d had enough with the media and wouldn’t bother with their shit. For Laura, this was an opportunity to paint him as a coward, rather than a guy who’d had enough of the media’s bullshit narrative they were trying to write about him.

She also has gone after Robert Kraft, for obvious reasons, like him not coming out and stating how he openly loves to get a rub and tug like the rest of America but rather used carefully worded statements to apologize and try to put the whole spa-gate thing behind him like anyone, rich or not, would do. If she has her way, you’ll believe he’s an evil villain, shuttling Asian women in by the boatfull to stock up in his own closet sized prostitution dens, not just some dude who needed a quick release. The little Asian women probably work harder grinding the dead skin off her, presumably, man sized feet. I highly doubt she questions how the 9 women it takes to sandpaper her toenails got here, or if they enjoy their jobs. Ignorance is bliss in the mind of a hypocrite.

They don’t WANT to touch Lauras giant feet, but a jobs a job

Then you have Barry Petchesky, who if you do a quick google search, you’ll find he enjoys raping fat women and bragging about it, or something along those lines.

He also used probably the stupidest athlete he could to write a thinly veiled piece of anti-police propaganda.

If you’re not familiar with Michael Bennett, the guy likes to run his mouth and be an overall asshole, then hide behind claims of racism if you call him out on it. He also was arrested in Las Vegas for fleeing from what was supposedly an active shooter situation where people were told to stay down, so Michael thought it would be smart to act like he just stole a candy bar and sprint away and climb over a wall, ignoring the police while doing so. When he was brought down and cuffed,it was apparently excessive force, racially motivated, that culminated in what Michael would have you think was a white cop putting a gun to his head and telling him he was going to blow his head off. In reality, he was brought down and then put in the back of a cop car for ten minutes before being released, at the hands of 3 officers, 2 hispanic and one also black. Unless this is brown on black racial profiling, I don’t think Bennett really had a point, except to lie to cause more racial tensions and make himself a martyr in the process.

The officer forgot to put a pillow down, EXCESSIVE FORCE

That’s not what ol’ Barry would like people to think though. There were more charges brought against Bennett, from Houston this time, where he allegedly assaulted a paraplegic usher at the Super Bowl rushing to get onto the field. Was the charge bullshit? It’s possible, it was dropped, so who knows what happened behind closed doors and what Ric Flair style wheelin’ and dealin was done, but Barry took this as an opportunity to throw some shade at the fuzz, saying the whole fiasco never happened.

I’m not saying that one had anything to do with the other, or that cops and prosecutors can be petty tyrants who would in a heartbeat try to make life miserable for someone as payback for speaking up about police brutality. I’m certainly not saying that Bennett’s lifelong outspokenness against racial injustice and judicial discrimination, nor his role as one of the most visible NFL players in the then-controversial protests during the National Anthem, would make cops so steaming mad that they’d gin up some bullshit charges against him. I’m definitely not saying that the timing of the indictment—days before the release of his book, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable—was similarly timed for reasons beyond the normal operation of the judicial system. I would never say that.

Very subtle there, Barry. Let’s totally ignore the bullshit Bennett made up and place all the blame on the police and throw some wild accusations they made shit up. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but according to Barry, Michael Bennett never did no wrong.

It’d be nice if sports was one thing we could manage to keep from being talked about through the teary eyes of Millennial’s who feel the need to have a sense of faux-anger at every injustice in the world. It’d be even nicer if Deadspin got off it’s high horse where it’s having it’s white writers use their platform to push whatever bullshit thoughts they have from whatever fake sense of guilt and sympathy towards subjects they want to be pretend to be woke about. Keep fighting the system though, guys. Stomp those feet and yell at clouds, cry about how unfair the police treat minorities, strap that cape on (or whatever Laura straps-on) and fight the crime of living in an America you clearly hate, while keeping the lights off when looking at yourself in the mirror so you don’t see that your skin is the color you despise. Maybe that’ll make all the jokes you made about rape and whatever else go away.

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