The Book of Aaron

If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing it right. Aaron Rodgers is 100% doing it right.

Since he came into the league, he had to deal with fans of his own team hating him because he was replacing greatness, and then once he showed all of us that he’s not human, and the city of Green Bay and all it’s fans collectively decided we had one of the greatest QBs of all time replacing another one of the greatest QBs of all time, the rest of the haters came out of the woodwork.

People have found plenty of reasons to try to tear Aaron down. Having 1 super bowl in his career is usually the go-to argument, if it’s not calling him a diva with an attitude problem, saying that he’s not a leader, screaming he’s a closet homosexual because you’re a homophobic dumbass, or my favorite, throwing his family issues out as a reason to hate, or an endless list of other unfair, unwarranted claims about #12. Not for nothing, but who wouldn’t want to cut their family out of their lives? Makes me love the guy even more. Plus, for the ones screaming he’s actually gay…

The 1 super bowl cannot be put on him. People love to say Brady is the GOAT because he has 6 rings. That’s fair and honestly, pretty hard to argue with. Know what Brady also has? Probably the greatest coach of all time who could pencil a potato sack filled with feathers in as QB1 on the depth chart and still wind up in the Super Bowl that year. Aaron basically had that potato sack as a coach his entire career and he’s had to deal with watching him slog through games making dumbass conservative call after even more dumbass call the whole time.

Bleacher Report came out with a pretty scathing article that looked into what happened with the Packers that led to this most recent losing season, and Mike McCarthys inevitable firing. A lot of the shit in there is pretty unsubstantiated, including the crap about McCarthy getting massages during practices and walk throughs leading up to game day. The guy started to really piss me off during the last few years of bad play calls that I think were basically just him asking Madden and then rolling with it, but I don’t see him missing practice to get a rub down with a masseuse that he snuck up to his office through some elaborate hidden pathway and it not even becoming a rumor somewhere in the dark corners of the internet.

The rest, mainly about Aaron and his supposed poor leadership qualities and sensitivity, are bullshit cooked up by disgruntled ex-teammates and haters who are using his name to stay relevant. Greg Jennings, remember that guy? Aaron threw him a gorgeous TD and then threaded the needle to him to put the game away in the Super Bowl they won together in one of the most memorable plays from the game, as well as Jennings career, and he hasn’t been relevant since.

The guy passed up an 11 million a year extension offer from the Packers thinking he was talented enough to thrive with just anyone throwing him the ball, before getting hurt and settling for less to go play with our rivals the Vikings, because he already had an ax to grind with the Packers for not thinking he was still worth 11 mill a year after losing a step. What more can someone do to try to shit on the franchise who made him a millionaire Super Bowl winning WR after they no longer want you? Well he can continue to shit on their QB years later because if he doesn’t, nobody wants to talk about those 10 TDs he had in Minnesota after leaving, or that one tacked on for good luck in Miami before flaming out of the league since he has pretty much no talent unless he’s got greatness throwing him the ball.

Jennings likes to have everyone believe Aaron is this sensitive primadonna who you had to hold your tongue around or he’d hold a grudge against you if you upset him in anyway. Greg then goes on to say he knew he was leaving Green Bay when, during a game of his contract year, Aaron made a joke to their opponent (The 49ers) that they should sign Jennings next year. So to reiterate, Jennings calls Aaron sensitive, and then decided for good he was leaving the team at a joke made at his expense.

Then there’s Jermichael Finley, who we haven’t heard from since he almost became a paraplegic on the field and was forced to retire (AKA not get resigned anywhere).

Minus his name coming up every once in a while during a charity softball game or something, you don’t hear much from him. Unless it’s in regards to something about Aaron. Seeing his chance to have people hear the name Jermichael again and not think it was someone mispronouncing one of the Jackson brothers, he pounced on the opportunity to say the guy who threw him that laser that led to his immediate reception of a handicap parking sticker was a shit leader. Then he went back to eating Butterfingers, or whatever he’s up to this day.

Aaron finally had enough

And he knows the article was BS, so he finally called them out on it, and pointed out those two pretty much have nothing to do these days except hope their phone rings for an interview about him. He also dropped the nugget that when he got hurt week 1 against the Bears, that game where he took some of Favre’s leftover pills that were laying around during halftime and came back out to remind the Bears he’s their daddy, he broke his leg. He played the entire season, threw 25 TDs and 2 INTs, on a broken leg. Was it a lost season? Yes, but not because of Aaron or his poor leadership. Dude made bank in the offseason becoming the highest paid QB of all time, he could’ve been told his leg was broken and sat out the season, collecting 100x the amount of money I’ll make in my life every time he blinked. Not Aaron though, he’s not mortal. He went out there with some unproven rookie receivers and Davante, and put up numbers that would be considered career years for any other QB. If that’s not being a leader and ultimate team player, I don’t know what it is.

No Aaron doesn’t have 6 rings, he has 1. The fact that people still have endless Brady/Rodgers comparison arguments shows how great the guy is though. I’ll concede Brady is the GOAT with his wins and ability to comeback in the 4th, but I don’t think anyone can say Rodgers isn’t more athletically gifted and talented at the QB position than Tom.

Let’s not forget the greatness that is Aaron, the Hail Marys

The drawing up clutch plays in the dirt during playoff games to set up the win

The discount double checks

Crushing the Bears on 4th down to take the NFC North

Or the million other highlights throughout his career, with the highest passer rating (103.1) or best TD/INT ratio (4.22) ever, as well as one of the greatest mustache games of all time.

I’m sure some of the B/R article was true, and there definitely was SOME tension between Aaron and McCarthy last year, but they want to paint Aaron as a selfish guy who ignores his coaches and can’t be managed. A prick in the locker room who only cares about himself and can’t lead a team? You wanna put another chip on the guys shoulder? As a Packers fan, I’m fine with that, and I think Aarons gonna do plenty on the field to shut up his haters this year. Which will probably only make more pop up out of nowhere. I’m fine with that, and I don’t think Aaron cares too much either.

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