The flag is now a symbol of hate

If there’s one thing most people who hate cops hate more than cops, it’s the American flag. In a world where we applaud backup quarterbacks who try to attract attention to themselves in a bit of faux outrage over an issue they pretend to care about in order to get themselves more money, we’ve come to allow people to get away with basically shitting on the flag, if they choose to, while hiding behind a fake wall of political activism they’ve created themselves while they’re career is rapidly fleeting.

In Laguna Beach, California, where I think most restaurants proclaim “No shoes, no shirt, better service” to allow the 75% of the population that are surfers to feel at ease, the 90% white hipster crowd who’s rich parents have bankrolled their lifestyle of riding the waves while fighting the man, with no repercussion, has decided that the American flag is too scary, and needs to be censored.

The police there recently remodeled their cars with an American Flag design inside the letters of the world “Police” which is becoming a common thing. Political sweetheart AOC’s hometown of Yorktown, NY even invokes the flag on their cars. I’m sure when she hears people are now welcoming complaints against the flag, she’ll gladly jump on board and pound her fists saying this is an obvious symbol for the current Presidential regime, and not for, you know, pride in our country as a whole.

The beach blonde haired crowd of shark tooth necklace wearing political activists think the imagery is too scary, and doesn’t represent their community of peace loving artists. The flag of the country they live in somehow doesn’t represent them. Would they prefer the word Police contained images of waves, fruity drinks with small umbrellas, bare feet, and the words “very minimal minorities live here” in the lettering? Or would they rather just replace the side of every police car with an image from the MTV reality show Laguna Beach, since that’s probably a fair representation of the lives their citizens live daily.

The people who hate cops will continue to hate them, with more fuel added to their uneducated fire of an opinion based on mob mentality that this is a symbol of hate. One major complaint in Laguna Beach has been that this won’t make the immigrants and tourists that are visiting feel safe. Coucilman Peter Blake says in regards to the commotion, “People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors”

So to break that down for you, the people who are trying to get into this country, who know we are the land of the free, who are trying to escape whatever shit they have in their own country, are afraid of the flag? The same one that stands for everything they’re trying to gain by living here? That’s now a symbol of fear?

If the cars had MAGA written in bold on them, or Southern States had the Confederate flag painted in the lettering (which I’m sure happens) it’d be one thing. Complaining that the American flag somehow invokes fear into people is just absurd. People want to live here while simultaneously making sure people know they hate living here. The police showing a feeling of pride in our country, seeing as to how they work for the government, is perfectly fine and shouldn’t be an issue people bitch and moan about. Except we now live in a world where people will complain any chance they can and somehow try to relate even the most important, unrelated, symbols of our country to Trump as a continuation into their hatred for the guy.

I don’t care if you like him or hate him, that’s none of my business. The two aren’t mutually exclusive though, and people need to remember the pride they had in the flag before he was elected because there will come a day he won’t be in office and that same flag will still fly. But if you’re going to bitch that the American flag, the flag of the country you live in, shouldn’t be displayed because of some fake outrage that we might upset immigrants or whoever, you should probably kneel for the flag. Hopefully to the one on the side of the cop car as it comes speeding at you.

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