This cop really messed up

Since when do black people not get shot when they get pulled over?

Boy, this officer really must’ve been having an off day. From what we’re supposed to believe by listening to most media sources and social justice twitter warriors, anytime a black man is pulled over cops are supposed to execute them, no questions asked. I don’t know if this guy didn’t get the memo on the current state of affairs in our country, or if he is an outlaw cop who plays by his own set of rules, but man he really messed up and let a golden opportunity slip away by showing kindness and compassion to someone he could’ve easily emptied an entire clip into and been home in time for breakfast.

An officer in Cahokia, Ill. pulled a man over who, it turned out, did not have a license. He also was driving a car he borrowed from a friend that had expired license plates. That’s what we call a double whammy and websites like The Root would have you believe most cops have the mentality that it’s enough justifiable cause for them to shoot first and ask questions later. The driver, Ka’Shawn Baldwin, explained he was on his way to a job interview and the only way he could get there in time was borrowing his friends car, explaining he didn’t know the plates were no good. The Officer, Roger Gemoules, who could tell Baldwin was African-American due to having eyesight, saw through the lie, drew his weapon, and fired 3 shots from point blank range, citing he saw a gun on Baldwins lap that he motioned for during their brief exchange.

Wait- oops, that wasn’t what happened. Instead he listened to Baldwin, could tell the guy wasn’t lying, saw how important the job interview was, and knowing he couldn’t legally allow him to drive the car, gave him a lift to the interview for a job Baldwin ended up getting. He also issued him no tickets and treated him like a human being with compassion and respect. An outcome you wouldn’t think is possible since we’re supposed to believe cops are against all minorities and basically use them for target practice these days.

This makes you wonder, is it possible this is how 99% of most interactions police have with people they pull over, regardless of the color of their skin, go? Chances are this story won’t garner much attention because it doesn’t end with protesting, false imprisonment, death, trending hashtags or Al Sharpton profiting and getting involved for his own benefit. Instead, it’ll be pushed aside while people continue to demonize police and worship people like Colin Kaepernick, who think it’s OK to spread hate against them and try to instigate violence towards the people who are actually doing their job and protecting us.

Chances are next time the police are mentioned on the news it will be in a bad light, with half the facts missing and the majority of the reporting skewed to make them look bad. So this story won’t matter much, and instead people will keep saying blue lives don’t matter and all cops are racist. So in the end, Officer Gemoules is going to have a tough time, as he’ll now have to explain to the 99% of cops who (according to the media/politicians/criminals) are just out to shoot minorities and hide behind their badges, why exactly he decided to ignore protocol and not immediately put one in Ke’Shawns chest.

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