Hitler would’ve loved to spoil movies

Normally physical violence really never is the answer, however there are certain situations where I think it’s more than appropriate. Someone “spoiling” a movie or TV show, purposefully, should be one of them.

Sure, if something has been out for a while, there should be a statue of limitations on spoiling something. If someone mentions the twist in The Sixth Sense of Bruce Willis actually having been dead the entire time, nobody has any right to get mad. If you haven’t seen a 20 year old movie at this point, that’s on you, and you probably won’t get around to seeing it. It will be tough to figure out just how much time should pass before being allowed to freely discuss plot twists and main story points, but ruining the ending for things for someone immediately when it’s released, or worse, before it’s been released is grounds for a swift kick to the dick. Mistakes happen, like with the story of someone who spoiled the ending to The Avengers to his co-worker in Houston. I don’t think the guy had any intent on ruining the movie, he may have just let some things slip while talking about it. There should be a knowledgeable limit clause in place for such things though, like the guy should know maybe don’t discuss the ending to biggest movie of all time that came out ONE DAY AGO. Asking someone, “Have you seen it?” should be common practice when talking about movies released within the past year. If you don’t ask and then proceed to blast spoilers out your mouth, you have nobody but yourself to blame when your jaw is busted within seconds. Which is exactly what happened to this guy.

This monster is a sociopath in Hong Kong who was standing outside a theater openly screaming spoilers to The Avengers at people waiting in line for the movie. There’s a special place in hell for people like this guy next to child rapists and Hitler. There’s freedom of speech but just like that doesn’t mean you should be allowed to scream “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater, it also means you shouldn’t be allowed to scream Avengers spoilers to a crowded line of people waiting to get into a movie theater. Also, was the first amendment written strictly for movie theater etiquette? The guy in Hong Kong swiftly got his ass kicked by multiple people, and honestly the picture of him looks like the screenshot of the moment before an Isis beheading. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see after shots of his bloody neck flowing onto the ground while Asian on-lookers storm the body picking up random organs and extremities to fry up and serve outside at a local fish market.

It’s one thing if you accidentally let a spoiler slip, but ruining things for people just for shits and giggles really cements you as an asshole. Be mindful when a movie comes out, if you wait a certain amount of time and spoil the movie though, you’re no longer an asshole. The person taking more than a month or two to see a movie really has no leg to stand on anymore at that point. Fuck them, let them know Bruce Willis was dead the entire time then.

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