Blame the Bartender

Bartenders are the unsung heroes who don’t get enough credit for the what they put up with. I’m not talking about the douchebags who refer to themselves as “mixologists” and scoff at anyone who just wants a beer instead of some concoction made with 8 different ingredients, most of which they’ve never heard of that are then muddled and strained into a glass before needing a garnish they’re going to toss aside anyway. I’m talking about the ones who make minimum wage, barely getting by, working at blue collar bars serving the same dudes who show up every day from morning hours to close. The ones who know how to make two drinks, a beer or a shot. They put up with plenty of shit on a daily basis, watching men drink away the pain that is their lives, while dealing with the behaviors of multiple drunkards gathered in one small spot, navigating their quest towards blackout city.

Are some irresponsible? Sure, I’ve seen plenty who are more hammered than the dudes they’re serving putzing around behind the bar looking in the full ice bin for ice, or putting a fresh pint of beer in front of someone who ordered a vodka club, only to then knock that pint over. Usually, the regulars at the bar love it, nobodys complaining, and some free drinks are definitely handed out. They don’t need to measure out their pours or worry about overserving. They’re having as much fun as the customers. Then you have others, who drink seltzer their entire shift and just do their job until their day is done, all the while making sure everyones glass is filled. They know the regulars and they know their orders. They don’t have to ask if they want another, they know right off the bat. It seems this is the type of bartender Lindsey Glass is. Lindsey made the mistake of over serving a drunk who left the bar and then proceeded to drive to his estranged wifes home, where she had 7 other people over to watch the Cowboys game, and then shot up the place killing them all before being shot by the responding police. She was just arrested, 2 years later, with a mug shot that looks more like it would be for a teacher caught having sex with one of her students than a bartender who served alcohol, AKA did her job.

From what the police gathered, this guy was at the bar earlier in the day, left for a little, came back and had some more before leaving for good and going on a Texas killing spree. Had Lindsey not served this guy when he came back, police in Texas would like to have you think none of this would have happened. As if the two beers and a shot she told her friend she served him when he came back were what pushed this guy over the edge of just casual night out drinking to murderous rampage. Apparently, she also texted her friend “Spencer has a big knife on the bar and is spinning it and just asked for his tab and said I have to go do some dirty work … Psychoooooooo.” In hindsight, this doesn’t look good and may have been a warning sign. On the other hand, how much stupid shit have you heard drunken fools say? Who would ever be able to correlate someone saying they have to do some dirty work to meaning they have to go murder 8 people. Honestly, I would’ve assumed he had to go home and take a Texas sized shit. And the knife, again this is Texas, so that just seems like nothing out of the ordinary in a day down there.

Is this going to become the norm? Will bartenders have to always be mindful of what shenanigans people will get into when leaving the bar? I love drunk shenanigans, I’ve coasted through life taking part in many of them, I don’t think any bartender ever should be held accountable for any actions I’ve done. If someone goes and kills 8 people, chances are those 3 drinks aren’t what finalized his plans for the night. It’s not like it was a little extra liquid courage to make the move on a fat chick at last call, and he probably was in the state of mind to go elsewhere and find some booze if she didn’t serve him, before lighting up the house like Aaron Rodgers lights up the Cowboys house every time he steps foot in there.

This is just grasping at straws to make someone pay for the deaths of 8 people. Lindsey didn’t put the gun in his hand, the only thing she thought she was helping him murder were more brain cells. Bartenders can’t be responsible for every person that they help get hammered. Next they’ll be getting charged with accessory to drunk driving because they didn’t realize that weird guy at the corner of the bar drinking Michelob Ultra has a low tolerance and that third one put him over the legal limit. That’s not a world I wanna live in.

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