Game of Thrones: House of Inbred

Game of Thrones has become the greatest television show in the history of television seemingly overnight. I’d heard about it over the years, mostly about how it contained a shit ton of sex, death and dragons (which would be an awesome band name). I never actually watched it until recently, and am currently only midway through the second season. Still, I did find it entertaining and am glad to have a show with enough long episodes to fill my need to have something to binge on, but I don’t think it’s the absolute greatest show I’ve ever watched, not even the greatest show ever on HBO. That honor will always go to my man Tony.

Game of Thrones fans are like Yankee fans in October. They’re all of the sudden all die-hards. I don’t know why people feel the need to try to stress their fandom for the show and one up one another on social media like clockwork every Sunday. It’s OK to be a casual fan of it, and by pledging your allegiance to the house of George R.R. Martin every Sunday, you’re not gaining any brownie points with the Starks or Lannisters, they’re not real people. Everyone needs to show the world though that they’re watching it and their lives revolve around it, like it’s some sort of privilege that has been bestowed upon only the most deserving. In reality it’s a TV show that anyone with an HBO account or a friend who has one can watch. Once you have caught up, you don’t need to take to instagram or facebook and let the world know you’ve now given your life to House Targaryen. You’re only impressing yourself. This sudden obsession everyone has had with it recently reminds me of the the Walking Dead, another show I ignored the constant social media hype that surrounded it. Unlike GoT, I never gave in and tried watching that, and the talk about it has been significantly quieter over its past few seasons.

Monday mornings are now filled with headlines regarding the current season of Game of Thrones, usually containing spoilers of the season and the previous nights episode, so I’ve given up worrying about making sure I don’t hear any while I’m watching the show for the first time. I’m catching up on a show that’s been on since 2011, based on books that were written in the 90’s, I have no leg to stand on if I were to be upset about finding out the fate of any characters or ending of any episode before I see it. Anyone else watching for the first time should know that too, and not bitch if someone ruins it for them. You should’ve watched it in the first place, it’s not someone else’s fault you were late to the party. Even if the party didn’t really get as big as it is now until recently.

It’s easy to see why people get so obsessed with the show, it’s setting and characters are great, and even with the few episodes I’ve seen, Peter Dinklage has shown why everyone is always raving about his character. He’s cemented himself as my favorite already and he’s got plenty of lines that I 100% relate with, even in modern times.

Jon Snow seems to be everyones hero, but so far I’m unimpressed. I don’t know if it was a sudden female driven love for the actor or if the character eventually gets better that has propelled him into such a high status in fans eyes, but so far he’s kinda just a whiny little bastard who’s really good with the sword to me. In fact, the coolest character so far is Jorah, who is loyal and badass with a pretty cool accent to boot. I’m sure he’ll eventually die since that seems to be the end result for everyone on this show, but til then he’s got me cheering him on.

I just found out who Brienne is, but up until I saw her introduction, I had only been seeing this recent picture of her smiling online getting the meme treatment. Honestly, I was under the impression this was Billy Crystal in an SNL Game of Thrones skit until she showed up on the show.

The one thing I don’t get though, with the all incest going on and the idea that everyone is keeping their bloodlines “pure” by having children with their family members, why aren’t there more inbred looking hill people wandering the streets? I get the Lannister kids all have their golden blonde locks, but shouldn’t they also have 3 eyes, one tiny hand and the inability to keep their tongue in their mouths? Maybe it’s too early and this will be addressed down the line, so if that happens then I take it back. For now though, I’m wondering why this isn’t a medieval Hills Have Eyes-like show. Yes, I get it’s a fantasy show where dragons exist and mental retardation perhaps does not, but still, it just irks me that they’re pumping out their own breed of kids with one family gene and not a single one has come out looking like Sloth from the Goonies.

And most recently people have been upset because someone left a coffee cup in a shot, and obviously there was no Starbucks or other chain coffee shops back then, but I don’t think that should be held against the production team. Again, it’s fantasy, so I’ll let the Simpsons explain it best

It’s an entertaining show, I’m all in on watching it and I’ll slowly catch up for sure, but it’s been on since 2011, just because it’s almost over doesn’t mean you need to make sure people know you’re a superfan now. It won’t matter this time next year when the show is done for good, so just like all those facebook statuses about people doing Crossfit or eagerly anticipating the newest episode of The Walking Dead, your constant posts about the previous nights episode of GoTs won’t be relevant much longer, and once the next “greatest show ever” hit the airwaves, you’ll have moved on to obsessing over that. When that happens, I’ll do this all over again and wait until it ends to binge it, rewatching old episodes of The Sopranos in the meantime while I wait.

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