Tiger Woods killed a guy

At least according to lawyers and the family of a guy who won’t accept any blame for their sons demons. In December of 2018, some guy who worked at Woods restaurant in Florida finished bartending at 3pm. He then stayed and had a few after work cocktails until around 6, at which point he grabbed his keys and decided to drive himself home. Except he was shitfaced drunk, lost control of his car and died in a wreck with an impressive BAC of .256, three times the legal limit in Florida. Apparently the bartenders didn’t give him the breathalyzer before he left like absolutely no other bartender in the country does.

The guy apparently was in AA, and this wasn’t his first rodeo when it came to drunk driving accidents, as he crashed his car a month prior while also hammered. Due to his enlarged beer muscles at the time, he walked away from that one. Somehow his family thought it would be appropriate for an alcoholic to continue to work at a bar, a typical rehabilitation center for the people who refuse to quit.

Now his family is suing Tiger and his girlfriend, who also happens to be the manager of the bar. They claim, even though Tiger and his girlfriend weren’t there, that they knew the guy was a drunk and allowed him to drink at the place during and after his shift. If Jon Taffer has taught me anything, it’s that you shouldn’t allow employees to drink during their shifts, so Tiger does deserve a stern screaming-at in regards to that.

As for the guy drinking himself into oblivion and then deciding to drive home, shouldn’t the burden of responsibility fall directly on his own shoulders? This is a guy who was known alcoholic who was in AA, so why was he continuing to work at a bar? Tiger didn’t funnel beers into his mouth, hand him the keys and tell him he’s a pussy if he doesn’t drive himself home. Tiger wasn’t even there. The guy chose to, albeit in a very drunken stupor, grab his keys and put himself behind the wheel. Suing Tiger is nothing more than someone trying to profit off their sons death. Trust me,the guy knows about driving under the influence, I don’t think he was in any way supporting his blacked out bartender getting behind the wheel. This is the face of a man who has seen some shit

Nobody wants to accept responsibility for things, and everyone needs to throw the blame onto someone else. The guy shouldn’t have been allowed to drive home, but a million things should’ve happened before that day that wouldn’t even have allowed him to be in that situation. If you crashed your car drunk a month prior, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to drive for a while… that seems like a pretty fair agreement. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes of our time and the guys family knows he’s worth a bajillion dollars. This isn’t some attempt to get justice for their sons death, its a cry to pad their bank accounts. If anything, Tiger should buy his family a shot in his memory and they can all move on.

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