Can’t outlaw ALL abortions

We’re not exactly living in the Handmaids tale, but if you were to listen to a lot of the current backlash from the abortion ban in Alabama and others going on across the country, you’d think we’re on track to be there soon. The bill bans abortions and carries a sentence of up to 99 years in prison for any doctor caught doing the procedure. So basically, in Alabama you’re allowed to murder another living, breathing, fully functioning human being and possibly be out of jail in 20 years, but if you’re caught killing a bunch of cells in a womans womb you’re sentenced to die in prison.

The ban doesn’t allow women to have an abortion even if the pregnancy is due to rape or incest. From what little I know of Alabama, I think 75% of pregnancies there are the result of incest. Game of Thrones gets half its storylines from Alabama marriages. I don’t have the stats but I feel like rape and incest are as common as breathing down there. These are people still protesting the results of the Civil War demanding a body recount.

This bill was passed by 25 white men, and if anyone should have a say over what a woman does with her body, its definitely an old white guy with a large bank account and an irrational fear of minorities. The Governor who signed it into law is a woman, and I think she might have a lot of explaining to do. She’s appeasing her party while bringing shame to her gender. Her crotch was probably squirming the entire time she signed her name.

What I don’t get is why the hell do these guys give a shit what women do with their bodies? They’re politicians, right off the bat I can tell you they’re not good people. The amount of skeletons in their closet would rival the amount of dead fetuses in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic. With absolutely no proof or evidence, I can 100% guarantee at least 2 of them impregnated a woman who was forced to get an abortion, or have a child with their mistress cousin, who is currently living in a trailer wondering who their father is. They’ve all done shady shit to get to where they are, and no doubt are hypocrites passing laws to please their parties and old way of thinking.

I’m not going to pretend to be a staunch feminist fighting for equality for all, but I am smart enough to see there is no rational thought going into this bill. It shouldn’t be up to a bunch of old racist white guys who have made a career lying to people to get elected to office to get to say what other people can do with their bodies. If these guys are so firm in their stance that life is precious and all pregnancies should be seen through to the end, then let them open their corrupt lobbyist funded mansions to children in foster care and be forced to take care of kids whose parents can’t afford to. Work on fixing foster care systems, rather than forcing people who are in bad situations to have another mouth they can’t afford to feed.

People in favor of the bill, women especially, like to point out that they’re women and agree with this stupidity. That not all women are pro-abortion. First off, I don’t think anyone out their is pro-abortion. Nobody is a getting knocked up on a monthly basis and having a card punched every time for a free abortion on their tenth visit. Its not a sports team, there isn’t people rooting for the Auburn Abortions to battle the Montgomery Bible Thumpers. People who have an abortion are usually in a bad spot and it’s not a choice they just made on a whim. Second, a woman can be against abortion, that’s fine, that’s her choice, but that’s the point. It’s a choice. Everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions when it comes to things with their bodies. Not some uptight Christian woman whos husband carries 3 guns wherever he goes because it’s his right and she only speaks when spoken to because thats what she thinks the good Lord wants her to do.

Says Skeletor

This isn’t going to stop abortions from happening, it’s just going to stop legal abortions from happening. The amount of women who “accidentally” fall down stairs, the surge in sales of wire hangers and plungers, the opening of back alley doctors offices with rusty tools, it’s all going to just increase. If someone doesn’t want to have a child, they’ll find a way to end the pregnancy. Why stop them from being able to have a humane, safe alternative to some guy with 3 teeth behind a dumpster with a pair of rubber gloves and a pooper scooper?

Allowing people with no uterus to decide what someone can do with their uterus makes no sense. It’s not a matter of personal thoughts on abortion. People can be for or against it, that’s their own prerogative. If you’re against it because its morally wrong, then let the ones having it have to answer for it when they die, what does it matter to you? They’ve made a choice they have to live with and it doesn’t effect you. These guys who passed it are racist old men who hide behind the bible and their political parties. They’re going after women’s rights now, but it’ll be their victory here that lets them keep pushing boundaries to see what other freedoms they’ve gritted their teeth and lived with all these years they can abolish. Soon it’ll be illegal to be gay or black, and god help anyone who is both.

Alright, actually, he can go.

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