A modern day Romeo and Juliet

If you’re not willing to steal a fortune from your family and then murder them execution style one by one for the woman you claim to love, then you don’t know true love.


Just when I feel I’m not a total disappointment in the world, I see stories like this. That of a 29 year old man in a relationship with a beautiful Bulgarian model. And I wonder how did I go so wrong?

On the surface, it’s a modern love story, where his family was against the relationship, and he would stop at nothing to be with her. Much like Romeo and Juliet, this tale ends in death too. However, once you dig deeper, you see they don’t poison themselves in the name of love, rather this George Costanza haired freak rose up from the depths of his parents basement, where he lived rent free, wielding a gun to shoot his parents and brother after they laid a healthy dose of the truth on him in the form of a two page letter.

Yes, they made the ultimate mistake of trying to pry his sticky fingers from the keyboard, telling him he needed to go to some rehab for internet and sex addiction, which I guess here sex with yourself counts as the addiction. He actually did go, but apparently the techniques utilized by the facility weren’t enough to deter him from being with his true love, the pixelated images of the woman of his dreams, Silviya Ventsislavovaniskovoshkavik (or something).

He immediately continued the relationship, which consisted of him having to tell a pop-up box that he was in fact over 18 every time he wanted to see her, once he returned home. Having had enough, the family kicked him out, and he did what any rational man in his situation would do, he murdered his entire family.

What I don’t get is how gullible this guy was. This woman was able to get this sweaty, thinning haired freak to steal $200,000 from his family and send it to her. In addition, he sent her lingerie and sex toys for her to wear/use in videos sent to him. He was able to steal that much money from his parents without them seeming to mind too much, so they were clearly well off enough where he could’ve probably used his weekly thousand dollar allowance to head to a Florida brothel, where I’m sure you can choose from women/alligators/Cuban boys of your choosing and actually experience real human interaction. Did this guy think he has an actual shot with the Bulgarian model? Wouldn’t he offer to buy a plane ticket for one of them to find the other if he thought their love was real with that money, keeping his parents and endless trust fund alive?

Instead, he’s now in jail, awaiting trial, claiming innocence, while also begging random millionaires to send him bail money. He apparently is under the impression people are as easily willing to part with their money as he is. Meanwhile, Sylvia Vilanovonovonovichkanish is now having to rely on one of her other 500 boyfriends who are too stupid to blow their money elsewhere, to support her and her lavish Bulgarian lifestyle.

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