Shep Rose either hates the homeless or loves boob jokes

This Monday, on his Instagram, Southern Charm cast member Shep, the one who most strongly embodies the Peter Pan syndrome we look for in our male reality TV show cast members, posted a video of a homeless woman. During the video, he can be heard screaming at her, “Look at me. Nice cans! I mean, the cans you have!” The video panned from the woman (covering her face) over to a few large garbage bags filled with her prized collection of empty cans for the week.

Of course, this simple exchange of elementary school innuendo apparently had a more sinister meaning behind it rather than it simply being the quick boob joke double entendre that it was.

The wrath of the internet took notice of the video and deduced that Shep was clearly mocking the woman for being homeless. Though he didn’t outright say “Ha Ha look at this lady sitting on her cement couch in her outdoor living room with no heat or hot water!” or make any reference to her personally besides the bagged cans or her chest cans (that he says she even laughed at), apparently it was too much. The fact that he posted the video with any sort of humor in it towards the woman who isn’t very well off in life was enough to lead to some faux outrage from the usual crowd of hypocritical twitter warriors. The ones who won’t rest until we live in a world where guns only shoot water, sticks and stones will be made of cotton balls and therefore no longer break any ones bones, and words will not be tolerated if they in any way, shape or form can hurt me.

Sadly the most shocking part of this is that people chose to be offended that he was mocking a homeless woman (he wasn’t) rather than using it as a step stool to ignite their rapidly pulsating sexually offended/harassed alarm. Shouldn’t his use of sexual derogatory language have been the breaking point, or have people become so caught up in their ever changing book of what to be offended about today that they jumped too quick to choose to be outraged about the homeless epidemic that plagues our country. You could really get a sense of the anger seething from these people from the comfort of their homes, in their air conditioned rooms, too busy being offended to do anything about the actual issue of homelessness but with plenty of time to send out a superficial tweet.

Honestly what goes through peoples minds when they complain to celebrities on twitter, even the ones ranging from the A-List to the D-List. How angry about absolutely nothing does someone have to be that they stop everything they’re doing and fire out a quick complaint in 280 characters or less and then close the app for 5 minutes until something else irrelevant to their life offends them and they have to repeat the process. Does Sharon in Lewiston, Idaho really think her meaningless text about how outraged she is at a reality star’s behavior will make any sort of change in the world? Does she sleep peacefully at night thinking she made some sort of difference by wasting 2 minutes of her time carefully wording and then somehow still misspelling a tweet that her 14 followers will see? Seriously, you’re tweeting at someone you watch get into reality TV hijinx weekly, but yeah your misguided anger is going to change this guy for the better.

This is just another example of people finding things to be mad about even when they shouldn’t. If anything, Shep is guilty of making a pretty lame joke, but honestly if I was there and had a few, I’d probably have laughed my ass off in the moment at it. Most people would, they’re just too busy worrying about what will offend them next to admit it.

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