Is Skip Bayless a racist? (spoiler: yes)

The New York Post just had an article about him and his wife and their daily life, which for some reason someone at the NYP thought people would be interested in. On a slow workday, I decided to skim through it. One thing that stuck out to me was his wife, pictured below.

Now Skip, being the master of spewing absurd bullshit, wants us to believe this person he is married to is his wife. I’m no forensic detective, but I firmly believe that person on the left is Skip in a wig. The pasty skin and raggedy flops of skin around the jaw are just too similar, not too mention the nose that looks like a roll of quarters.

Now why would Skip lie about having a wife? Obviously because the man is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, Skip in the past has accused others of being gay in an attempt to demean their name, case in point Troy Aikman, who he blindly claimed was gay in one of his books. Why accuse someone of being gay in an attempt to soil their name unless you thought being gay in general was something to be ashamed about?

The part that stood out most to me however, was this snippet when discussing how he behaves while watching games

“I lose it,” Skip, 67, said. “I’m a psycho. I vent. I say words that I can’t repeat — that I’m ashamed I say.”

Granted, he doesn’t outright say what words, but for a man who makes a living unabashedly making ridiculous claims and saying whatever the fuck he wants with absolutely no burden of proof or facts or reasonable mind to back them up, what are words he would possibly be ashamed to say?

Knowing it is during sports games, and knowing it’s predominantly football and basketball that he tends to focus on, one can only assume that Skip drops the almighty N word on a regular basis. The demographic that makes up the majority of players in those two leagues is quite obvious, and Skip is pushing 70 and from Oklahoma. That would mean he grew up during a time when racism was rampant and quite possibly something that helped shape him into the loudmouth twerp he is today.

I’m not saying he 100% uses it, and I’m also not saying he 100% married himself in a wig, but the facts are here and I think they hold about as much truth as pretty much anything that comes out of Skips mouth. You be the judge, but there’s definitely something wrong with some of that.

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