It’s easier to blame Joker for mass shootings than yourself

Joker looks like a great fuckin movie. Of course, that hasn’t stopped plenty of people from coming out to already degrade it with claims it will cause copycats around the country to rise up and partake in activities they saw in the movie. The majority of the people bitching about this hypothetical outcome are making sure to point out that it will most definitely be angry white males who follow Joaquin Pheonix’s lead, which people are making sure he knows, because he himself is a white male, and we live in a world where it’s OK to place blame for all our problems on any white male, especially one who has ever raised his voice above 6 inches, gotten angry at an inanimate object when he stubbed his toe, gotten a job he was qualified for, or just got out of bed in the morning to live his life.

The whole premise of blaming idiotic violence on movies isn’t new. People have often looked for any excuse to pass the blame on irrelevant things so as to avoid having to blame themselves or look further into the actual roots of the cause. If someone wasn’t doing something harmful because he saw it in a movie, it was because he saw it in a video game. If it wasn’t because of something he saw in a video game, it’s because he heard it in some angry rap lyrics. If that wasn’t it, then he did it because he read it in a story, back when people read. Now, there’s movies and shows about pretty much every scenario imaginable, so it’s easier for people to throw a dart and find one they can become upset about. Since that’s basically what people spend their time doing now, being upset.

Joker is about The Joker, and if you don’t know who that is, you’re probably one of the people who will blindly listen to the news tell you the movie will create chaos and cause murders, because you’re a fucking moron. This of course isn’t the first variation of the Joker, it’s like the millionth, counting all forms of media. It will be the first time an entire movie is devoted to his character, and yet it isn’t the first time it comes with a multitude of outrage from tons of different proponents. Heath Ledgers version in The Dark Knight is the one most people currently remember, because its both fairly recent, unlike Jack Nicholsons which was 30 years ago, and it was fuckin awesome, unlike Jared Letos which was basically a dumpster fire of dog shit with some makeup and terrible tattoos.

Of course its easy for people to begin to panic about the possibility of people copying what they see in Joker, because when The Dark Knight came out in 2012, one of the worst mass shootings in our country took place during a midnight showing. People like to use this as reasoning for fear of the new movie, even though they’ve yet to see it. The piece of shit who shot up the theater in 2012 hadn’t seen that movie yet either, but that doesn’t stop people from blaming The Dark Knight for somehow inciting the violence. It’s easier to ignore the fact the idiot had mental health problems that went ignored, and to instead cause an uproar over the actions of a fictitious character as the sole cause, as well as use it as a springboard to call for better gun laws. That’s basically all that people see when these things happen, something they can use to fit their narrative, while pretending to give a shit about the victims to look like they aren’t emotionless politicians, of course.

Right now, the narrative in the world is white men are angry, and apparently we need nothing more than being cut off on the road or being denied a date with a woman as a means to go out and shoot up a public event. Of course, we need a movie character to lead that charge and give that extra bit of courage that one needs to be able to go take dozens of lives with no remorse or feelings of guilt afterwards. Since somehow, people think someone with a sound frame of mind would just decide to copy what he sees in a movie since what happens in movies is almost always 100% realistic and we’re too stupid to tell the difference between real life and fiction.

So then why weren’t we worried about masses of white men deciding to go loot Hot Topic and write angry poetry when Suicide Squad Joker came out? Shouldn’t we have massive public crying sessions that the next time a white mans dog dies, they’re going to go on a John Wick killing spree and leave a bloody path of destruction that could’ve been avoided had they not seen those movies? How come nobody is afraid white men will start dressing up as clowns, full on John Wayne Gacy, and wait in sewers to kidnap and murder children, being inspired by the movie It. Since apparently we have such a short fused wiring in our brains that can very easily be swayed by the actions of what we see and hear, you’d think they would want to censor and change any form of harmful activity we see on screen to make sure no dull minded white male individual will try to emulate what he sees.

It would be too much of a stretch for people to use those movies to fit the current climates narrative we live in, one where white men are angry, bad people. Ones who have small armories of military grade weapons in their garages, and spend their time thinking of ways they can keep women and minorities down. Which is why we need to get rid of Trump and listen to the uprising women in congress who hate men, America and making sense when they speak. Joker though, its got just enough similarities to some of the culture of today, even though it takes place in the 80’s. It has enough for people to believe it when they hear its too similar to our country to NOT worry it will cause copycats. The media needs to push this white man hating agenda, since that’s what’s trending now, and they need people to listen to them in order to stay relevant.

So in order to do that, the media will push its agenda by causing false outrage over a movie that hasn’t been released, and about hypothetical outcomes that haven’t happened. In other words, they’re taking a page out of Batman Begins and operating behind something they know will give them power, and will make people listen: Fear

Let’s not worry about shitty parenting, or kids (white, male ones, obviously) who are leaving signs that they might act out and hurt themselves or someone else, or the people out there who are fine with pushing their own hate towards men and placing blame solely on us for all the worlds problems, or people trying to incite hate towards police while making millions of dollars, or just a generalized hate for all white people, those things don’t matter. It was most definitely a love for Dracula movies and a resentment towards his greatest enemy that led to a recent mass shooting, not mental health issues. So of course, a movie about a comic book character angry at the world is definitely going to be the only reason someone decides to act out and hurt others. And of course, only white men are capable of doing that.

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